Monday, November 23, 2015

Rescued from the cutting room floor: FRED facts!

Hey you guys!

Today I've got some never-seen, super-exclusive, way-cool FRED facts for you!

Back when the illustrators of my first print book were doing all the crazy awesome book art, they created a ton of fun FRED facts. But they created so many, they couldn't all fit in the book. So I got my hands on some of them -- check these out:


I bet you know which one is my favorite, right?!

Have a great week everyone,

PS: I've seen Star Wars 502 times now!!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Neon Wiener has crash landed on Poptropica!

You guys know that there's a Galactic Hot Dogs Island on the way-cool online game and app, Poptropica, right? (If you don't know what Poptropica is, read this post.)

Well, right now, on any Island's Main Street (that's where you start out), you'll find the Neon Wiener has crash landed! If you go inside our ship, you'll be able to talk to the crew, customize your costume with Galactic Hot Dogs outfits, and even get in a shootout with some Jacks!

So cool! Go check it out -- Poptropica is awesome. Me, Dags, and Humphree love it and if you haven't played it yet, I bet you'll totally dig it!

Later gators,

Friday, November 6, 2015

#BadGuySelfies in Intergalactic Social Space!

Hi you guys! How’s it going? My brain feels as fried as a crunchy crater tot. Today I got sucked into the deep-space void that is the Intergalatic Social Space — for HOURS. It’s kind of like your Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, all smashed into one crazy, busy, wacko network.
Creepy bad guy selfies from Galactic Hot Dogs!

It must be a slow day for the bad dudes of the galaxy because this morning #BadGuySelfie was trending. And all the weirdos out there got into the action. I couldn’t stop scrolling through all the photos. It seems like space cretins love to show off their best — no, worst — sides!

That’s Bic Vasterdly on the top left. Bounty hunter. Kind of scares the whats out of me. 

Next to him is General Krax Von Grumble. He’s one of Queen Dagger’s main bad guys and a total doofus.

And yeah, that’s the Queen on the bottom left. Being evil and all, she had to get in on the hashtag.

That last one is another bounty hunter named Jae Falcon. Kind of looks like a cute little kitty, if you squint real hard. But there’s nothing cute about that dude.

Gah, now I have the creeps. Time to forget about the bad dudes and play some video games with Humphree and Dags!

Stay awesome,