Wednesday, April 29, 2015

My book's out in 6 days, and the early reviews rock!

Galactic Hot Dogs: Cosmoe's Wiener Getaway
Hey everyone! So maybe you've heard the news that


Sorry, I don't mean to shout, but I'm totally pumped! I mean, this is ridiculously exciting!

On May 5, make like a dude being chased by a zombie space pirate and zoom over your local bookstore to grab Galactic Hot Dogs: Cosmoe's Wiener Getaway. It's the print version of GHD Book One that's online, with lots of cool new art and some little updates here and there. Every Galactic Hot Dogs fan needs a copy! Book retailers of all sizes will be carrying it, and you can also find it for sale online.

And keep your eyes peeled for cool Galactic Hot Dogs book displays -- lots of bookstores are going all out to show off my new book! You may even see an almost life-size version of a certain cool dude with funky hair:

Galactic Hot Dogs: bookstore display

Now of course I'M going to say awesome things about my new book, because Max did an amazing job writing it and Rachel and Nichole did a fantastic job illustrating it. But don't take it from me that the book totally rocks! Check this out:

Totally rockin' reviews of Galactic Hot Dogs: Cosmoe's Wiener Getaway!

"I have two middle schoolers at home. They both were very excited to read this book. My youngest said, 'You know Mom, I really like this book!' It's a keeper." -Tammy

"The story is entertaining and will be loved by kids into outer space adventure. Very quick read for adults, so not overpowering for children. And, the characters are quite engaging." -John

"I really enjoyed this book ... 6 out of 5 stars." -Alexander, age 9

"This book was very funny, it made me laugh a lot. There were lots of interesting, well-drawn illustrations." - Alice, age 10

"Totally unique and hilarious, I devoured it in a couple of hours and was completely glued from the first page to the last. It’s one of the funniest adventures I’ve ever read." -Sam, age 11

How freakin' rad are those reviews? I'm so psyched people are loving the book. I knew they would!

One last thing...

Max is going on a book tour! Check out where he'll be and if he's in your area, stop by and meet him! I heard more stops will be added to the tour, so check that link again later if you don't see a city near you.

Well, I gotta go. It's my turn to wash dishes, since Humps cooked and Dags cleaned up the hangout room. Even space kids who get books written about them still have chores to do. See you Friday!

Later gators,

Monday, April 27, 2015

Humphree's got a bad feeling about all this...

Whoa, you guys. My body feels like I got run over by a skorlax! We went ganzelle riding again yesterday and I got a little overconfident about my cowboy skills. I volunteered to take the greenest ganzelle -- in other words, the least trained one -- and man, did I regret that pretty quick. The creature wouldn't slow down and galloped the entire time. I lost some major cool points with all my yelling for help. Ugh. SO embarrassing. I'm glad we're outta the Wild and Crazy West this afternoon!

Since typing doesn't hurt (much), I've got the newest chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two for you today!

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two - Chapter 7 - Feel the Vibe!

It's our first full day at the space circus, and I'm loving it! But Humphree has a bad feeling about what we've gotten ourselves into. He wants out! Why?! And what do I think about Humphree's hunch? Find out in Chapter 7: Feel the Vibe!

Man, I gotta go take a hot shower or something to loosen up my mangled muscles. I'll see you guys back here on Wednesday, when hopefully I won't still feel like I got the fuzz beat out of me!

Later gators,

PS: Only 8 DAYS until Galactic Hot Dogs: Cosmoe's Wiener Getaway arrives in bookstores near you! I'll tell you all about it on Wednesday -- get psyched!

Friday, April 24, 2015

Livin' in the lap of luxury - so far...

Hey everyone! Are you ready for the next chapter of Galactic Hot Dogs: Book 2? You're not going to believe the awesomeness that is the space circus!

Galactic Hot Dogs - Book 2 - Chapter 6 - All Aboard!

So we've up and joined the Cosmic Carnival and Wonder Circus, and it seems completely way cool. Crostini is treating us like kings and queens, and Princess Dagger and I are totally digging it! But Humphree seems a tad less enthusiastic, and he's got some questions... check out the all-new Chapter 6: All Aboard!

Before I go, I have one more thing to say: 12 DAYS until my amazeballs book, Galactic Hot Dogs: Cosmoe's Wiener Getaway, is in bookstores near you! You'll also be able to find it in schools' Scholastic Book fliers -- you know, those cool things teachers give out so kids can pick books for their parents to order? Look for this really soon:

Galactic Hot Dogs: Cosmoe's Wiener Getaway in Scholastic Book flyer

I almost wish I was on Earth again just so I could get one of those book fliers at school. Almost. Not quite, though.

Have a great weekend, you guys! We're kickin' like cowboys for a couple more days here in the Wild and Crazy West. I'm sure I'll have adventures to tell you about next week!

Stay awesome,

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Awesome deleted art from Book Two!

Yeeeee-haw! Hello from the Wild and Crazy West! Since we made a ton of money on Space Port Funketoun last week, we're taking a little cowboy va-cay. The other day we went to a space rodeo, which was a total trip. Aliens lassoing enormous bull-like creatures called thorlings--what could go wrong? Everything!

At one point we thought we were in BIG trouble when a thorling got loose from its pen and there were two in the ring at once. One thorling is tough, but two? It looked like it could be a skorlax scenario all over again! But the alien lady who was in the ring totally rocked it and got the thorlings under control. Phew! I was ready to jump in and help if I had to, but I admit it: I'm glad I just got to watch this time!

So, you know how it's fun to see deleted scenes from movies you like? Parts of movies that were filmed but didn't make it into the movie for whatever reason? Well, I've got some deleted scenes from Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two for you today! Here's some cool stuff that couldn't fit in the book...

A sad-faced me from chapter three:

Me, Princess Dagger, and Humphree at the circus in chapter three:

And the skorlax kicking my butt in chapter five!

Pretty rad, huh? I wish there was room for all the awesome art the book illustrators create, but at the same time, it feels kind of special seeing this behind-the-scenes stuff.

Gotta go now. We're going ganzelle riding. They're a little like horses, but a little like giraffes, too. It's going to be awesomesauce! See you here Friday for our next chapter in Book Two: All Aboard!

Later gators,

Monday, April 20, 2015

How the heck will I defeat the skorlax monster?!

Holy smudge, you guys! What a weekend!

Me, Princess Dagger, and Humphree were minding our own business, selling our hot dogs on Space Port Funketoun and making some moo-la, when this family of aliens showed up. They were ginormous and there were like fifteen of them, and they LOVED our hot dogs. I’ve never seen anyone eat as much as they did! They totally cleaned us out! Now we’re rich and have got a gazillion spaceos, so we’re on our way to visit the Wild and Crazy West! Yeeeeee-haw!

Ready for today’s brand-new awesome chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two? Here we go!

Galactic Hot Dogs - Book 2 - Chapter 4 - The Skorlax

I’m battling the skorlax and that freaking annoying Wrangler gets in the way, but the monster disposes of him pretty quick. But will it get rid of me, too? How’s this all going to end, and what’s in store for me, Humphree, and Princess Dagger? Find out in Chapter 5: Cosmoe the Monster-Tamer!

Have a way-cool day, you guys!

Friday, April 17, 2015

That isn’t a sandstorm. That’s a Skorlax!

Hi you guys! How’s it going? Princess Dagger, Humphree, and I are back at Space Port Funketoun, selling hot dogs and earning some cash for our next adventure. It gets a little old here, but it’s a good place to make some dough. We always think of ways to have fun, though!

Yesterday was Wear Your Pajamas to Work day back on Earth, so me and the gang thought it would be funny to wear our PJs, too. You should have seen some of the looks we got! Most aliens thought it was funny, but one old grumpy lady alien gave us a lecture about “dressing appropriately for the occasion.” Ha!

Okay, ready for our all-new chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two? Here comes The Skorlax!

Check out Galactic Hot Dogs - Book 2 - Chapter 4 - The Skorlax

Ahhhhhh! Everyone at the circus thought a sandstorm was coming our way, but it’s actually a monster called a Skorlax! I have to make like a space kid hero and figure out what to do. How am I going to get out of this one alive?! Find out in Chapter 4: The Skorlax…

Oh, I hear Princess Dagger calling. She says her legs are tired and she wants a break from cooking hot dogs, but I know she really just wants to watch the latest episode of this show called Into Space and Beyond on the Intergalactic Internet. It's super awesome. I know, 'cause I just watched it when I was supposed to be checking out new places to sell hot dogs. Oops.

Have an awesome weekend,

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Way cool Galactic Hot Dogs fan art and Lego awesomeness!

Hey everyone! The other day I was surfing the Intergalactic Internet and I found some more awesome Galactic Hot Dogs fan art -- some even in Lego form! You Earth kids are super creative, man.

These drawings are by Kaylee at the Eliot School in Boston, Massachusetts. I think she did an amazing job!

Fan art of Cosmoe from Galactic Hot Dogs
Check out my awesome funky hair! And Goober looks like
some amazing shark weapon. Rad.

Fan art of Princess Dagger from Galactic Hot Dogs
Princess Dagger is pretty impressed with this drawing. She
says she'd totally hang it up in her room!

And check out these Galactic Hot Dogs Lego creations by @JBENedict. So cool!

Cosmoe from Galactic Hot Dogs -- in LEGO form!
Look at my totally rad funky hair!

Cosmoe and Humphree from Galactic Hot Dogs, plus author Max Brallier -- in LEGO form!
Humphree, me, and GHD author Max Brallier!
Fan art is the best. You can check out past fan art on the blog here and here. And keep creating, you guys. If you post it, I'll probably find it!

See you Friday. I'll have an all-new Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two chapter for you!

Later gators,

PS: Only 19 days until my first print book hits bookstores! How AWESOME is that?!?!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Just when you think you can kick back and relax…

Ugh, you guys. I’m writing to you while stuck in a colossal space traffic jam. Some of Evil Queen Dagger’s Jacks (her robot soldiers) are pulling over every single spaceship and looking for some guy who owes the queen a million spaceos. Kind of reminds me of a certain movie. You know, that one where a scruffy-looking Nerfherder owed a big slimy Hutt some cash? I’m talking about Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, of course!!! I bet the guy the Jacks are looking for isn't half as cool as Han Solo, though!

Okay, time for the latest all-new chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two. It’s called The Big Show!

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book 2 -- Chapter 3 -- The Big Show

When we left off, Crostini — the owner and ringmaster of the circus — was trying to give us free tickets to the show after his Wrangler tried to steal Humphree. I’m like, NO WAY DUDE. But one thing leads to another, and there we are. At the circus. And whoa, you are not going to believe what happens! Find out in Chapter Three: The Big Show

Aw, man. I hear the dumb old Jacks pounding on the door. They better not tear apart our ship looking for the not-as-awesome-as-Han-Solo dude on the run!

See ya Wednesday,

Friday, April 10, 2015

A mustard catastrophe and attempted Bronkle stealing!

Hey everyone! We’re still docked at the Twin Suns Shopping Center. I completely cannot stand shopping, but I guess this place isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Dags was right: There IS an American-themed diner now! And they have real cheeseburgers. Well, at least they taste like real cheeseburgers. And there’s a way cool arcade with crazy virtual reality games. So Humps and I are actually having a good time while Dags shops to her little semi-evil heart’s content!

Okay, it’s time for our next chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two. It’s called Showdown on the Streets of Arahas!

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two -- Chapter 2 -- Showdown on the Streets of Arahas

The circus is in town and I am NOT happy about it. Especially when that jerky Amaruuk tries to steal Humphree! And it’s all because of a mustard mishap. Find out what happens — go read the next chapter now!

I’ll see you back here on Monday when we’ll reveal the next chapter. Have a wicked awesome weekend!

Later gators,

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Way cool bonus art from chapter one of Book Two!

Hey you guys! Wasn't the first chapter of the newest Galactic Hot Dogs book awesomesauce? Are you psyched to see what happens with Crostini's Cosmic Carnival and Wonder Circus? Chapter two is coming your way on Friday!

Until then, I have something cool to show you. I've got this rad art that was cut from the first chapter of Book Two. While creating art for the book, the illustrators come up with lots of stuff that is totally awesome, but just ends up not fitting in. Check this out:

Galactic Hot Dogs art cut from book 2 chapter 1

Dags is a little bummed her line got cut and maybe you are too, but don't worry. She's all over this book, big time!

Okay, I'll see you guys back here on Friday. The Princess is dragging Humphree and me back to the Twin Suns Shopping Center. Something about new shoes. Uggggggh. But Dags did say she heard a rumor on Intergalatic Social Space that there is an American-themed diner at the mall now. I'm hoping that means real cheeseburgers! How totally ridic would that be?!

See ya later,

Monday, April 6, 2015

Time to kick off Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two!

You guys! It's finally time to start reading my next super awesome, way cool, brand new book:

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two!

Every Monday and Friday, I'll introduce a new chapter here on the blog. And on Wednesdays I'll have some rockin' behind-the-scenes illustrations, fan art, or other cool stuff. 

Okay, are you ready? Are you sure? Then let's get into Chapter One: The What Is in Town?!?

Galactic Hot Dogs Book Two, Chapter 1: The What is in Town?!?

Here's the scene: Me, Humphree, and Princess Dagger are hanging out on this desert planet called Arahas. It's ridonkculously hot and we're playing a fun game of Smash Hammer Derby Blast. But then things go a bit downhill when I get a couple stomach-turning surprises… Find out what happens in The What Is in Town?!?

You'll have to wait until Friday for Chapter Two, but I promise I'll have some cool stuff here on the blog on Wednesday!

Now I'm gonna go celebrate the launch of my new book with Dags and Humphree. This calls for hot dogs, our brand-new chili sauce recipe, and our latest treat: chocolate tazzleberry shakes, made with real Earth chocolate!

See you on Wednesday,

Friday, April 3, 2015

Sneak peek into Galactic Hot Dogs Book Two!

Hi you guys! As you probably know (because I can't stop talking about it), this Monday, April 6, Galactic Hot Dogs Book Two debuts online! Awesomesauce!

I told you last week that the space circus is a big part of Book Two and showed you the clown bots. Well, take a look at this dude, a major character you'll get to know soon:

Who's this character from Galactic Hot Dogs Book Two?

What does he look like to you? I'm not going to tell you his name or exactly what his dealio is -- you have to read Book Two to find out. Don't worry, you'll meet him pretty early in the book!

So what can I actually tell you about Book Two? Well, you can look forward to all this and more:

  • Lots of new characters
  • Me showing off some hidden talents
  • Secrets from the past get exposed
  • Old enemies fuzz things up again
  • Friends turn into foes
  • New monsters to battle
  • Me and the gang visit new planets -- and one old, very familiar one...

I can't WAIT for Monday! Who ever thought I'd look forward to a Monday morning?!

Have a great weekend,

Galactic Hot Dogs Book Two debuts online 4/6/15!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

What’s really in Humphree’s hot hot sauce?

Hey everyone! Today I’ve got some more cool F.R.E.D. facts that couldn’t fit in the GHD print book (coming to a bookstore near you on May 5!). The book’s illustrators came up with so much new art for the book, it couldn’t all fit. So that means I’ve got more never-seen-before stuff for you! Check these out:

Cool, huh? Though maybe you didn’t really want to know what’s in Humphree’s hot hot sauce…

Oh, and don’t forget: Galactic Hot Dogs Book Two debuts online on Monday, April 6! Every Monday and Friday I’ll do a little post on the chapter of the day (which you’ll find on, just like Book One). On Wednesdays I’ll have all sorts of awesome junk for you, like behind the scenes art, fan art, and more!

Tomorrow I’ll have one more sneak peek into Book Two (the first one is here) — artwork and some hints about our adventures!

See you tomorrow,

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Galactic Hot Dogs is going out of business?!

OH NO, you guys! This is the worst day ever! Last night while we were moon surfing here on planet Waalio, a bandit alien from the Wild and Crazy West stole every single Spaceo we have!

We're broke! We don't have enough fuel to go anywhere, so we're stuck here on Waalio. Princess Dagger wants to call her evil mom to bail us out, but HELLO? Evil Queen Dagger is evil. She'd probably just steal the Neon Wiener.

This means we have no choice but to sell the ship. I might have to go back to Earth, and Humphree might have to be a space pirate again, and Dags might have to go home...

I can't believe this. I'm way bummed out. I guess this is goodbye because I'll have to sell my computer, so I'll have no way to blog anymore.

I'll miss you guys so much. And before I start sobbing like a baby and lose my last shred of cool space-kid dignity, I have one last thing to say to you...



Smell ya later,