Monday, January 26, 2015

Aw, man! Who stole my Mega-Dog?

Happy Monday, everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was MESSY. We had a little incident at the old hot dog truck. This jerky alien from Zelnerf got really mad when we ran out of moon rock relish. And to show us how POed he was, he barfed slime all over the outside of the truck! What the fuzz? It took hours to clean up. Argh.

Anyway, it’s time to kick off our super-cool Galactic Hot Dogs Reading Marathon! First up is Chapter 1: Mega Dog! Me and Humphree cook up a Mega-Dog for the Intergalactic Food Truck Cook-Off but someone steals it from us! One thing leads to another and we end up with the Royal Armada coming after us. And who the heck stole away on our ship? You gotta read the chapter to find out!

And now for some behind-the-scenes awesomeness. Check this out:

That’s me, believe it or not. Well, early drawings of me, before the illustrator of my book got my face juuuuuust right. Cool, huh? My favorite is my Han Solo suit because STAR WARS!

All right, you guys, I have to jet. Literally. So come back tomorrow for an inside scoop on the crew of Galactic Hot Dogs. And on Wednesday I’ll give you a look at some more never-seen-before stuff!

Stay awesome,