Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The inside scoop on the Galactic Hot Dogs crew!

Hey everyone!

I heard a whole lot of you in the good old USA are buried under a mega-ton of snow. Man, I love snow. Princess Dagger and Humphree have never seen the kind of snow Earth gets. I mean, they’ve seen frozen stuff, for sure. The Princess can freeze stuff instantly with her ice flash pistol, and that’s freakin’ rad! But I gotta get them to Earth sometime to check out real-deal snow.

Speaking of my buddies, I said I’d tell you a little bit more about the crew of Galactic Hot Dogs today. So let’s get to it! I’ll start with my co-captain, Humphree.

Some of Humphree’s favorite stuff includes helio jalapeƱos, giving bad guys the Humphree Hurt Hug, and trying to beat me in Super Moon Ninja Death Jab. He’s always there when I need him. Humphree’s awesome like that.

And then there’s the (usually) not-evil Princess Dagger.

What does Princess Dagger dig? Eating space paste, zapping bad dudes with her fire and ice flash pistols, and organizing our messy ship (totally can’t get on board with that last one, but whatever).

Plus we’ve got Goober and F.R.E.D.

Goober is super cool because he’s all elastic and stretchy and stuff. He can turn into a lasso. Or a human shield. Or a really warm but kind of slimy coat. You know, whatever I need.

And F.R.E.D is my incredibly helpful, incredibly awesome flying robot. He’s like my own C-3PO and R2D2 mash-up. He fixes stuff, has endless gadgets, and is super useful!

We’re all pretty different creatures, but we've got something super-important in common: We all love getting into intergalactic space adventures!

Well, you guys, Humphree’s giving me the stink-eye. I gotta go sling some hot dogs or he’s going to slip some lime moon cheese in my hot dog when I’m not looking. Blech. I hate that stuff.

Come back tomorrow and I’ll give you a look at a cool Princess Dagger drawing that’s never been seen before — because tomorrow’s chapter in the reading marathon is… Princess Problems!

Until then, stay awesome (and safe if you’re in that snowstorm),

PS: If you missed the beginning of the reading marathon, don’t worry. You can start here with Chapter 1.