Friday, January 23, 2015

Hello from Intergalactic Space!

Hey everyone! Cosmoe the Earth-Boy here. Right now, at this very minute, I’m taking a break from slinging hot dogs, kicking back with a buzzberry shake, and writing on this, right here, my brand spankin’ new blog. How cool is that?!

Since some of you guys are new to the awesomeness that is Galactic Hot Dogs, maybe I should tell you a little about me. Here — check out this rad fact card thingie:

Stuff I think is way cool: Video games (especially Super Moon Ninja Death Jab), hot dogs (duh), Star Wars, my little buddy Goober, getting into fantastic space adventures with Humphree and Princess Dagger

Stuff that stinks like butts: Evil Queen Dagger, General Krax, bounty hunters, mutant worms, Princess Dagger’s chore charts, Humphree’s burps

I’ll be writing here on the regular, so come back often. Matter of fact, this Monday we’ll be starting a reading marathon of my very first book!

Check back here every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday starting 1/26. That’s when the reading marathon starts. I’ll introduce each chapter of the book as we read along together. AND I’ll give you a look at way-cool, never released on Earth, behind-the-scenes art and fun facts!

And on Tuesdays and Thursdays there will be other nifty junk to check out, like trivia, sneak peeks into book #2, and more. You don’t want to miss any of it. Trust me.

Have a great weekend, dudes. I’ll be here on Mowee’s tropical moon, doing my hot dog thing. Unless adventure calls…then who knows!

Keep being awesome,