Friday, January 30, 2015

Oh, smudge. The Jacks are coming for us!

Hi, you guys. Today I’m typing while trying not to zonk out on the keyboard. Humps, Dagger, and I were up late checking out a meteor shower. It was unbelievable! Have you ever seen one? The one we saw last night kind of looked like this:

NASA photo copyright ©2007 by Fred Bruenjes, all rights reserved.
Which means you can't use photos without giving credit. So don't.

There’s nothing like seeing a meteor shower from Mowee’s tropical moon!

So today we’re back to our reading marathon and we’re checking out Chapter 3: Jacked Up. Evil Queen Dagger sent Jacks, her bad robot dudes, to collect the Princess. Will she go willingly, or will she rope us into a royal rumble? And what is the possibility of successfully navigating a Royal Armada, anyway? Read Chapter 3 to find out!

Those Jacks are really a giant pain in my butt, you know? It’s no fun running into them because they’ve got those pulse-cannons for hands. But Jacks are so dumb, it’s not too hard for Humphree to knock their metal skulls together. Here’s a little background stuff about them:

And here’s how the book’s illustrator designed the Jacks:

Look at that big head with no brains. They may be really not-smart, but those Jacks have got a whole lot of lethal power. So we avoid them as much as possible!

All right, you guys. I have to go. After a snooze in the sun here, we’re off to Space Port Funketoun to make some cash. If we want to go on an adventure in the Wild and Crazy West soon, we need to make a bunch of spaceos — you know, space spending money!

Have a great weekend!