Wednesday, January 28, 2015

What the heck do you do when you've got Princess Problems?

Hey everyone! How are things going? Today I'm zooming down the Interstellar Highway and stealthily avoiding bad guys. They're everywhere out here. It's a wretched hive of scum and villainy, you know? Sometimes I wish I had the Force to see me through like Luke in Star Wars. At least I've got F.R.E.D to help me out.

So let's get back to our Galactic Hot Dogs reading marathon! At the end of chapter one, Humphree, the Princess, and I were all about to be blown to bits by rockets. Check out Chapter 2: Princess Problems to find out what happens next. Will the Neon Wiener be destroyed? Why did the Princess steal away on our ship? And - GULP - what is the Evil Queen going to do to us?

Since today's chapter is all about Princess Dagger, I thought you might like to see what she looked like in early designs for the book. Check it out:

early drawing of Princess Dagger of Galactic Hot Dogs

And of course, here's how she ended up looking:

Pretty different, huh? It took a while to get her hair exactly right because Dags wanted to be sure her 'do was, in her words, "flippin’ awesome!" She's giving me the hairy eyeball as I write this because she wants to be sure that I remind you that Chapter 2: Princess Problems is all about her and you should definitely read it because it's super way-cool.

Okay, gotta go. Traffic jam ahead. And a traffic jam in space gets pretty tricky - don't want to accidentally cut off a big, angry, HUNGRY alien, know what I mean?

Keep being awesome,