Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Go on a Summer Reading Adventure with Galactic Hot Dogs!

Hi everyone! Today me, Princess Dagger and Humphree have something awesome for you: We're launching our way-cool Summer Reading Adventure!

Go on a Summer Reading Adventure with the Galactic Hot Dogs crew!

The Galactic Hot Dogs crew thinks reading is rad, and we bet you do, too! And we're also guessing that a lot of you have summer reading goals from your schools or libraries. But there are so many books out there -- how do you pick? Well, we're here to help!

Every week we will tell you about a book (or maybe a bunch of books) that scores high on the GHD Awesome Meter -- and that's perfect for middle-grade readers (that basically means kids in grades 3-8). We'll talk about all sorts of books for boys, girls, tweens, teens, anyone and everyone!

Ready for this week's book? It's one that Princess Dagger and I both really liked:

Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinelli

Here's the lowdown on Jake and Lily by Jerry Spinelli:

Jake and Lily are twins. Even though they seem pretty different—Jake is the calm one and Lily has a temper; Lily is obsessed with trains and Jake collects cool rocks—they feel exactly the same, almost like two halves of one person. When one of them gets hurt, the other can feel it. They can communicate without words. And mysteriously, every year on their birthday, they sleepwalk to a train station in the middle of the night.

But the year they turn eleven, everything changes. Their parents announce it’s time for separate bedrooms, and Jake starts hanging out with a pack of boys on the block. Lily is devastated—not to mention really, really mad. And as she struggles to make friends and get a life apart from her twin, Jake finds himself dealing with a neighborhood bully and has to decide what kind of person he really is.

We hope you like the book as much as we do! Zoom over to your local library and grab a copy. Oh, and speaking of libraries, be sure to find out if your library is part of the national summer library reading program. This year's theme is "Every Hero Has a Story!" Different libraries do different things, but many have cool activities and stuff to check out all summer long.

Need more reading motivation mojo? Check out this awesome list of 10 reasons to read this summer by author Kate DiCamillo (she wrote The Tale of Desperaux, the Bink & Gollie books, and many more):

Okay, I gotta run. We're actually cruising on over to Earth for a quick stop to load up on supplies. And yes, we getting lots of chocolate for Princess Dagger. Me? I just want to eat ice cream for breakfast, lunch, and dinner for a couple days. I miss real Earth ice cream!

Later gators,