Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Book 2 bonus art for you!

Hello everyone! Can you believe that this Friday is when the final chapter of Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two comes out? It's pretty frapping unbelievable to me! I feel like we just kicked it off. Man oh man, time flies when you're reading a rad book.

Well, I've got some way-cool stuff to show you today -- never-seen, super-awesome, behind-the-scenes art from Book Two!

When the illustrators, Rachel and Nichole, work on the art for the book, they don't draw a scene, just like that. Like if they're drawing a scene with a new character in it, first they do a whole lot of work to decide exactly what someone's outfit will look like. Check this stuff out:

Different outfits for my dad and mom.

Different ideas for the rocky arena where me and mutated
Humphree battled.

All sorts of clown bots!

Here the illustrator is figuring out how to tatter up
our clown disguises for later chapters.

This is the illustrator's different drawings of mutated
Humphree. She was trying to figure out exactly
how to portray his horribleness!

It's pretty amazing to see how much work goes into the illustrations. So much time and effort goes into every character and every page!

If you're behind on Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two, never fear! You can catch up on everything here. Be sure to come back here on Friday to read about the very last chapter -- and I'll tell you all about the cool stuff coming up on the blog this summer!

Stay awesome,