Thursday, July 9, 2015

We've crash landed and we're not going anywhere for a while...

You all are never in a gazillion years going to guess where I am right now. Like, right this very second.

Earth. I'm on Earth! And I will be for the foreseeable future because the Neon Wiener's spaceship mode is kaput and we can't figure out how to fix it!

It all started when me, Princess Dagger, and Humphree decided to make a quick pit stop on Earth for supplies. We were running low on hot dogs and other way-crucial stuff. But while we were cruising to our super-secret landing spot, something went wrong. Very wrong. Humps and I managed to make an emergency landing without blowing us all up, thank the Great Pants in the sky!

We ended up on Nauset Beach in Orleans, Massachusetts. That's on Cape Cod. Check it out:

Hot butts! Surf's up!

I found an old surfboard on the beach and gave it a go. I think my surfing lessons on planet Waalio paid off!

So now we've found a good hiding spot for the ship and it looks like we're going to be hanging out on Earth for a while. The Wiener is beat-up bad. With communications down and no way to contact space stations for the parts we need, it's gonna take F.R.E.D. a while to get the ship's space mode fixed. So we're going to make the best of it -- today we're all about the beach! Check out these waves!

I didn't take this pic but this is what it looks like today!

I'll check in every week and tell you all about where we are. We can pretty much go anywhere in the USA -- do you have ideas for us? Let us know on Twitter or Facebook! Now we're off to the beach to catch some waves!

Later, dudes!