Thursday, July 23, 2015

Where in the world is the GHD crew now?

Hey there, everyone! Today is a super special day. Maybe the most important day of the year. Well, except for my birthday. And any other day kids get presents. And maybe the day I beat the Boss Worm at mutant worm wrestling. I mean, I'm not even a mutant (shut it, Dags!) and I beat the dude...

Sorry, my little Cosmoe brain got distracted there.


via National Hot Dog and Sausage Council

I'll be celebrating by tweeting and Facebooking like crazy about my favorite food in the galaxy. And, you know, by chowing down on hot dogs like I usually do!

Maybe I'll mix it up and try one of the wacky toppings I wrote about in my America's Best Hot Dogs post. Or now that the Neon Wiener is flying again, maybe Humphree, Princess Dagger, and I can visit a bunch of places around the country and try a ton of different kinds of dogs! YESSSSS! That's exactly what we'll do! Oh, man, that's the best idea ever!

Wait -- I didn't tell you our spaceship was fixed? Well, it's sort of fixed. It can fly okay now, but it can't make the jump into outer space. So now that we can get around, Princess Dagger decided we needed to mini golf. She's never mini-golfed before, so she wanted to Go Big. Literally. So...

Humphree's mad because he tanked his golf game. Big time.

...we played Moby Golf at Golf Kingdom! It's just outside London in the United Kingdom. Dags read online that it's the largest mini-golf place in the UK, and she got her mind set on going there. It was pretty freakin' rad, I have to admit.

Now we're back in the good old USA at our super secret hideout. What kind of fun summery things should we do next? I'm thinking water parks, lakes, camping, amusement parks... SO MANY OPTIONS!

Have a great day -- and a hot dog or six!