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6 awesome middle-grade books for adventure lovers!

Hi everyone! How's your summer reading going? Are you craving something new -- maybe a little action and adventure in your day? Well have I got some books for you! Check these out:

Calling all adventure lovers: Here are 6 exciting middle grade books!

The Unwanteds by Lisa McMann (book one of a series)

Each year, all the thirteen-year-olds in Quill are labeled as Wanted, Necessary, or Unwanted. Wanteds get more schooling and train to join the Quillitary. Necessaries keep the farms running. Unwanteds are set for elimination.

It’s hard for Alex, an Unwanted, to leave behind his twin, Aaron, a Wanted, but he makes peace with his fate—until he discovers that instead of a “death farm,” what awaits him is a magical place called Artimé. There, Alex and his fellow Unwanteds are encouraged to cultivate their creative abilities and use them magically. Everything Alex has ever known changes before his eyes, and it’s a wondrous transformation. 

But it’s a rare, unique occurrence for twins to be divided between Wanted and Unwanted, and as Alex and Aaron’s bond stretches across their separation, a threat arises for the survival of Artimé that will pit brother against brother in an ultimate magical battle. 

Dangerous Plays (Nancy Drew: All New Girl Detective) by Carolyn Keene (book 16 of a series)

Nancy, her Dad, and her friend Bess are all set to go to London when a professor they know asks them to do a simple favor: take a look at his townhouse while they're there, since the professor can't seem to locate the housekeeper and fears something's wrong. Sounds easy enough...

Eager to cross the favor off their list, they stop by 53 Banbury Square shortly after they land. Let's just say things in the townhouse aren't quite tip-top. And the key? Well, it unlocks a Pandora's box of serious trouble!

The Search for WondLa by Tony DiTerlizzi (book one of a trilogy)

Eva Nine was raised in an underground sanctuary by the robot Muthr. But when it's destroyed, the twelve-year-old girl is forced to flee aboveground. Eva Nine is searching for anyone else like her: She knows that other humans exist because of an item she treasures—a scrap of cardboard on which is depicted a young girl, an adult, and a robot, with the strange word, “WondLa.” A New York Times Bestseller!

City of Orphans by Avi

The streets of 1893 New York are crowded and filthy. For thirteen-year-old newsboy Maks Geless, they are also dangerous. Bruno, leader of the awful Plug Ugly Gang, has set his sights on Maks and orders his boys to track him down. Suddenly Maks finds himself on the run, doing all he can to evade the gang, with only his new friend Willa by his side. And that’s just the start of Mak’s troubles. His sister, Emma, has been arrested and imprisoned for stealing a watch from the glamorous new Waldorf Hotel. Maks knows she didn’t do it—but will he be able to prove it in time?

Goblin Secrets by William Alexander

In the town of Zombay, there is a witch named Graba who takes in stray children, and Rownie is the youngest boy in her household. Rownie’s only real relative is his older brother Rowan, who is an actor. But acting is outlawed in Zombay, and Rowan has disappeared.

Desperate to find him, Rownie joins up with a troupe of goblins who skirt the law to put on plays. But their plays are not only for entertainment, and the masks they use are for more than make-believe. The goblins also want to find Rowan—because Rowan might be the only person who can save the town from being flooded by a mighty river. A National Book Award winner!

Crown of Three by J.D. Rinehart

Family secrets combine with fantasy in this epic tale of battle, magic, strange creatures, power, and fate! Toronia, a kingdom composed of three realms, is wracked with civil war. Cruel King Brutan rules with an iron fist. The kingdom’s only hope comes in the form of Brutan’s illegitimate triplets, prophesied to kill the king and rule together in peace. Separated at birth and scattered throughout the realms, the triplets face a desperate fight to secure their destiny. Will they survive long enough to rule?

Happy reading, you guys!

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