Thursday, August 27, 2015

Goodbye summer, hello new adventures!

Well, everyone, it's been a super rad summer. We've chilled at the beachmini-golfed, hit a bazillion theme parks, gone camping, cooled off at water parks, explored a ton of fairs and carnivals, and now we're chilling at a lake. We're taking one last deep breath of fresh Earth air before we're blasting outta here! 

That's right, the Neon Wiener is fixed! We are now ready to go where no wacky-haired kid has gone before. Time for us space adventurers to get back to what we do best: fighting space jerks, playing video games, and selling hot dogs!

It's been real, Earth friends! I'll update on the blog after we get settled in at Space Port Funketoun!

Stay awesome,
Cosmoe and the crew