Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Dark-hearted Humphree?! Nooooooo!

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book 2 - Chapter 15 - Dark Hearted Humphree
Hey everyone! I hope your long weekend was awesomesauce! Monday was just a normal day for us hot-dog slinging types here in outer space, but we did make a buttload of spaceos on Ooglan 2. It's this ridonkulously cool planet that looks a little like the Grand Canyon, except all over the whole planet! Great rock climbing, that's for sure. And the aliens dig our hot dogs!

But what's a little creepy is that Ooglan 2 reminds me of the rocky arena from Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two. That's the place where I had to battle the horrible, dark-hearted, mutated version of Humphree!

Dark-hearted evil Humphree?!

Our next chapter in the book is high-level bonkers. Like I can't even describe the bonkers-level. Can I get through to my buddy and make him remember me, his best friend? Or is the real Humphree--gulp--gone forever? Find out what goes down in Chapter 15: Dark-Hearted Humphree.

I'll see you back here tomorrow!

Later gators,