Friday, May 8, 2015

When a toilet saves the day (and it's not what you're thinking)

Uggggh! What's that stench? Oh, right. The Neon Wiener is flying by GD9, General Krax's junk planet. Seriously, we are like millions of miles away and the stink is permeating our space craft. I guess that's what you get when you create a planet from trash. NASTY.

Speaking of disgusting odors, let's get into today's chapter of Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two! Wait, what? Well, take a look at the cover and you'll get what I mean...

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two - Chapter 10 - The Toilet It Is

When we left off, it was a total destructified damage disaster!

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two - a lyanux monster on the loose!

Princess Dagger had blasted me with her ice ray gun by mistake as I was trying to defend the younglies tent full of kid aliens. I get freed from my frozen prison, and Humphree, Dags, and I end up running for our lives! How do we not get lanced by the lyanux? Well, it involves Goober, a toilet, and a tumble... Find out in Chapter 10: The Toilet It Is!

Oh, and just in case you hadn't heard for some reason, this week my print book, Galactic Hot Dogs: Cosmoe's Wiener Getaway debuted! To celebrate, I've got a whole bunch of cool GHD activities for you -- a word search, a maze, coloring sheets, and more. Just go to my website and click "fun stuff" at the top!

Have a great weekend, you guys!