Monday, May 18, 2015

Princess Dagger's mom really is the worst!

Hey there, you guys! Today we're making our way to the Mutant Worm Wrestling Federation Arena. Get this: The MWWF is having this ceremony to honor me for beating the Boss Worm way back when! I knew it was a big deal when I beat the thing, but considering we were kind of in a hurry to eradicate the Ultimate Evil from the galaxy, I didn't really have time to give a victor's speech, you know?

So off we go to the MWWF so I can greet my adoring fans and sell lots of hot dogs! Oh, fine. I don't have adoring fans. Princess Dagger is leaning over my shoulder and watching me type, and she insists I tell you that I don't have adoring fans. Maybe I do, Princess. We'll just see about that at the MWWF Arena, won't we???

Okay, time for our all-new chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two!

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book 2 - Chapter 13 - A Little Bit Space Brained

Aw, man! At the end of Chapter 12 we found out Princess Dagger's mom, the Evil Queen, is totally involved in an evil scheme to create an army of monsters with Crostini and the Wrangler. So Dags and I are there, hanging out in space and eavesdropping on their conversation -- and then all sorts of smudgetastic stuff happens! Find out what goes down in Chapter 13: A Little Bit Space Brained...

All right, I have to go work on my acceptance speech for the MWWF. I wonder if they'll give me a new trophy since I smashed up the old one? Maybe I'll get a medal? I wonder if it'll be like the end of Star Wars when Leia gave Han and Luke their medals!

Cosmoe's getting a major award and he's hoping it's just like Star Wars!

Yeaaaaaah, that looks about right.

Have an awesome day, you guys!