Friday, May 22, 2015

Smudge! Things are NOT looking good...

Hey you guys! Today I've got a crazy amazing, all-new chapter of Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two for you. And you're not going to believe what happens...

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two - Chapter 14 - Angry Revenge Moldy Pizza

At the end of Chapter 13, things were looking pretty grim. The Wrangler just messed with Princess Dagger's space suit and sent her floating away into space...

Princess Dagger is in trouble!

...and I am steaming MAD about it! So I try to do something big, something crazy, something vengeful to get back at that Wrangler... and it's a big fat flop! Things get really fuzzed up -- and then the unimaginable happens. Seriously, you're not going to believe it. Read Chapter 14: Angry Revenge Moldy Pizza and see for yourself!

I know it's Memorial Day weekend back on Earth and everyone's like YES! SUMMER! FINALLY!

The crew of Galactic Hot Dogs love summer!

So have a wicked fantastic long weekend and say thanks to a veteran for me, okay? Sometimes I feel like I'm a pretty brave space kid, but those guys and women who protect the good old USA are the bravest of them all!

Happy Friday!