Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Way cool bonus art from chapter one of Book Two!

Hey you guys! Wasn't the first chapter of the newest Galactic Hot Dogs book awesomesauce? Are you psyched to see what happens with Crostini's Cosmic Carnival and Wonder Circus? Chapter two is coming your way on Friday!

Until then, I have something cool to show you. I've got this rad art that was cut from the first chapter of Book Two. While creating art for the book, the illustrators come up with lots of stuff that is totally awesome, but just ends up not fitting in. Check this out:

Galactic Hot Dogs art cut from book 2 chapter 1

Dags is a little bummed her line got cut and maybe you are too, but don't worry. She's all over this book, big time!

Okay, I'll see you guys back here on Friday. The Princess is dragging Humphree and me back to the Twin Suns Shopping Center. Something about new shoes. Uggggggh. But Dags did say she heard a rumor on Intergalatic Social Space that there is an American-themed diner at the mall now. I'm hoping that means real cheeseburgers! How totally ridic would that be?!

See ya later,