Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Galactic Hot Dogs is going out of business?!

OH NO, you guys! This is the worst day ever! Last night while we were moon surfing here on planet Waalio, a bandit alien from the Wild and Crazy West stole every single Spaceo we have!

We're broke! We don't have enough fuel to go anywhere, so we're stuck here on Waalio. Princess Dagger wants to call her evil mom to bail us out, but HELLO? Evil Queen Dagger is evil. She'd probably just steal the Neon Wiener.

This means we have no choice but to sell the ship. I might have to go back to Earth, and Humphree might have to be a space pirate again, and Dags might have to go home...

I can't believe this. I'm way bummed out. I guess this is goodbye because I'll have to sell my computer, so I'll have no way to blog anymore.

I'll miss you guys so much. And before I start sobbing like a baby and lose my last shred of cool space-kid dignity, I have one last thing to say to you...



Smell ya later,