Thursday, April 2, 2015

What’s really in Humphree’s hot hot sauce?

Hey everyone! Today I’ve got some more cool F.R.E.D. facts that couldn’t fit in the GHD print book (coming to a bookstore near you on May 5!). The book’s illustrators came up with so much new art for the book, it couldn’t all fit. So that means I’ve got more never-seen-before stuff for you! Check these out:

Cool, huh? Though maybe you didn’t really want to know what’s in Humphree’s hot hot sauce…

Oh, and don’t forget: Galactic Hot Dogs Book Two debuts online on Monday, April 6! Every Monday and Friday I’ll do a little post on the chapter of the day (which you’ll find on, just like Book One). On Wednesdays I’ll have all sorts of awesome junk for you, like behind the scenes art, fan art, and more!

Tomorrow I’ll have one more sneak peek into Book Two (the first one is here) — artwork and some hints about our adventures!

See you tomorrow,