Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Way cool Galactic Hot Dogs fan art and Lego awesomeness!

Hey everyone! The other day I was surfing the Intergalactic Internet and I found some more awesome Galactic Hot Dogs fan art -- some even in Lego form! You Earth kids are super creative, man.

These drawings are by Kaylee at the Eliot School in Boston, Massachusetts. I think she did an amazing job!

Fan art of Cosmoe from Galactic Hot Dogs
Check out my awesome funky hair! And Goober looks like
some amazing shark weapon. Rad.

Fan art of Princess Dagger from Galactic Hot Dogs
Princess Dagger is pretty impressed with this drawing. She
says she'd totally hang it up in her room!

And check out these Galactic Hot Dogs Lego creations by @JBENedict. So cool!

Cosmoe from Galactic Hot Dogs -- in LEGO form!
Look at my totally rad funky hair!

Cosmoe and Humphree from Galactic Hot Dogs, plus author Max Brallier -- in LEGO form!
Humphree, me, and GHD author Max Brallier!
Fan art is the best. You can check out past fan art on the blog here and here. And keep creating, you guys. If you post it, I'll probably find it!

See you Friday. I'll have an all-new Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two chapter for you!

Later gators,

PS: Only 19 days until my first print book hits bookstores! How AWESOME is that?!?!