Monday, June 15, 2015

Did we all actually survive that crash landing???

Hey everyone! I hope your weekend was awesome. I know most Earth kids are done with school, but not everyone. All you people who got socked with tons of snow this winter are still hitting the books. Well, just a few more days, right? And then SUMMER! Wahoooo!

Today I've got a new chapter of Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two for you!

Galactic Hot Dogs:Book Two - Chapter 21 - Grade A, Top 10, Slam Bang!

Things weren't looking so great at the end of the last chapter. I mean, this was the situation:

Survival was looking a little iffy, know what I mean? But obviously, I'm still here. So how the fuzz did we survive that crash landing? And what happened to Humphree? And the circus creatures? And the bad dudes? Well, time to find out: Read Chapter 21: Grade-A, Top 10, Slam Bang now!

Have an awesome day, you guys. See you back here Wednesday!

Later gators,