Monday, June 8, 2015

Intergalactic space heroes don't have time for snacks!

Hi you guys! Guess who's in the final four of the Videogame Apocalypse? Me and Princess Dagger! Out of 64 players, it's down to me, Dags, and two aliens named Aadifan-Klux and Randar the Rolk. Humphree made it to the sweet sixteen but Randar took him out. Bummer. But Humphree's not too upset--he's pretty psyched to get back to making big bucks selling hot dogs. He'll always have a little bit of money-loving space pirate in him!

Time for our next chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two!

Galctic Hot Dogs: Book Two - Chapter 19 - This Dog's Da Bomb!

So we're costumed. We're armed. We're READY. It's time to hijack us a space circus! But you know, hijack in the name of good guys and justice for all, so it's an awesome sort of hijacking. How are we going to get past the clown-bots and roust-a-bots? And why'd Humphree insist I take a hot dog with me--who has time for snacks during a covert operation?! Find out what's going on in Chapter 19: This Dog's Da Bomb!

Now I'm gonna go prepare for my next round of Interstellar Maze Madness. I have all sorts of superstitious things I do to help me win, like hop on one foot 37 times while I chant "I am the champion and I will prevail!" Dags thinks I'm a little nutty but who won the last Videogame Apocalypse, huh Dags????

See you Wednesday,