Friday, June 19, 2015

How exactly do you deal with a Gargantuid again?

Happy Friday everyone! Today I've got an all-new chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two, especially for you. Hey, look at me, all poetically rhyming and stuff. (Stop rolling your eyes, Dagger!)

So when we left off, this was happening:


I don't remember reading in my Awesome Space Superhero Handbook about how to deal with a gargantuid. Wait. I don't actually have an Awesome Space Superhero Handbook. No wonder I don't know what the fuzz to do.

So now we have to think super fast and super smart so we don't become a humanoid-alien combo snack for this enormous monster! How are we going to get ourselves out of this situation? Read Chapter 22: No Robo-Puke in the Wiener!

Have a rockin' weekend, you guys! We're heading over to planet Grenzo for some sand, surf, and selling of hot dogs. Can't wait!

Stay awesome,