Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's a Galactic Hot Dogs artspolsion!

Hey you guys! How's it going? Me, Princess Dagger, and Humphree are on our way to Videogame Apocalypse! I haven't been back there since I won Black Hole Joystick Battle Heroes, back when I got the final slice of the map-o-sphere that led us to the Ultimate Evil. Remember?

Oh, yeah. This reigning champion is ready to defend his crown!!! But get this: This time all three of us get to compete! We're playing a new game called Interstellar Maze Madness. I'm just hoping that lame-o General Krax isn't there. That guy's so annoying.

Today I've got a total ARTSPLOSION for you. It's an explosion of art! Get it? Maybe? Anyway, first up I've got a couple cool "cut from Book Two" scenes for you from Chapter 13, when the crummy Wrangler sends Dagger floating off into space:

There is so much art that doesn't make it into the books, just because there isn't enough space for it all. I wish there was!

And here's some awesome fan art! This one is by Bryce, age 12:

And this one is by Jack, age unknown because I guess he likes to be a man of mystery:

Finally, I've got something I never thought I'd ever see: a knitted hot dog. For real!

Princess Dagger said she cannot get over its cuteness and she must have it NOW. Oooookay, Dags, I'll get right on that.

We're almost to Videogame Apocalypse--wish us luck! I'm ready to kick some alien butt!

Stay awesome,