Monday, June 1, 2015

Galactic Hot Dogs at BookCon and a new chapter in GHD Book Two!

Hey you guys! This past weekend was this ridonkulously huge book conference on Earth called BookCon. I hear Galactic Hot Dogs was a huge hit with the kids there! Thousands of copies of my book were snatched up by adventure-digging, reading-loving humans. And Simon & Schuster, the company that published my book, even gave out hot dogs one afternoon:

Galactic Hot Dogs at BookCon 2015

Man, I shouldn't have shown Princess Dagger this picture. Now she wants to get me a human hot dog costume the next time we go to the Twin Suns Shopping Center. Dude. I am NOT wearing one of those things!!! But I am super psyched that kids were excited to read GHD!

Now it's time for our next chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two:

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two - Chapter 17 - Brayer and Brother's Traveling Circus

So when the last chapter ended, things were looking up. Princess Dagger turned out to be okay and not only that, she rescued me and Humphree. Good stuff. But now what? We have to stop Crostini and Evil Queen Dagger's plan to build a mutated monster army. That means it's evil-fighting action time! But first? A pit stop for some special supplies... Check out what happens in Chapter 17: Brayer and Brother's Traveling Circus!

I'll see you guys on Wednesday! But first, one more picture from BookCon (well, a bunch of pictures):

Instagram pictures of Galactic Hot Dogs at BookCon 2015

These pics were all shared on Instagram. It's so awesome seeing all the excitement about GHD!

Later gators,