Monday, June 22, 2015

We're having a smashing adventure -- but will we survive?!

Hello from the way awesome planet Grenzo! This is definitely one of my favorite planets in the galaxy. The aliens are super laid back and love to surf. Plus there's the peach sand, shimmering purple water, and trees that look like palm trees but have the most amazing, delicious, fruit you've ever tasted... Man, this place rocks. Love selling wieners here!

Ready for our next action-packed chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two?

In the last chapter, I made the call that Princess Dagger and I should jump onto the Gargantuid. I know. Maybe not the brightest move. But as Dags will tell you, I don't have the biggest brain of all boy humans. So now we're on top of a giant, angry, dragon-like alien monster. What next? We jump into action like the awesome space kids we are, of course! Check out Chapter 23: A Smashing Adventure to see what happens!

Have a fantastic day, everyone. I bet most of you are on summer vacation now, right? Well, rock on and ENJOY your FREEDOM!!!!

Later gators,