Friday, June 12, 2015

Ha! Now we've got you, Crostini! Or do we?

You guys! Big announcement!

You are now looking at the two-time, super-awesome, Videogame Apocalypse champion! (Okay, so you're not exactly looking at me, but you know what I mean.) I did it! I vanquished Randar the Rolk. I ka-slammed, ka-smooshed, ka-clobbered the dude! YES!

Princess Dagger just barely lost to Randar in the semi-finals, and I just barely beat Aadifan-Klux. But then it was all over in the finals. With Dags and Humps rooting me on, I demolished Randar and collected my awesomesauce trophy! This time there wasn't any map-o-sphere slice hidden in it--but now that I'm looking at it, there is a weird little thingamajig that looks like it could pop open...hmmmmm....

Well, while I fool around with this trophy, let's get into the newest chapter of Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two!

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two - Chapter 20 - Hurtling, Flaming, Plummeting

When we left off, I was using my explosively amazing hot dog to blast open the door to Crostini's secret room. But Crostini's got a surprise for us. And so does the Wrangler. Uh-oh. Find out what happens next in Chapter 20: Hurtling, Flaming, Plummeting!

Well, have a great weekend everyone. I'll let you know on Monday if I find anything interesting in this new trophy I got!

Happy Friday,