Monday, June 29, 2015

Gah! The Wrecked Wrangler is after us!

Hey everyone! I can't believe it, but today I've got the second-to-last chapter of Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two for you! It's complete crazytown that we're at the end of the book. It's totally flown by! Well, get ready for Chapter 25...

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two - Chapter 25 - Wrecked Wrangler

GAH! How the fuzz did the Wrangler survive the train crash? Well, somehow he did, and he's scarier than ever. Lucky us -- he has it in for Princess Dagger and me. Yikes!

Wrecked Wrangler from Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two

The dude is indestructible, but Dags and I aren't. Neither are the circus creatures! Can we fend off the Wrangler one last time so we can be the awesome space superheroes we're meant to be? Find out in Chapter 25: Wrecked Wrangler!

One last thing for you today. This past Friday, GHD illustrator Rachel Maguire did a book signing at Blue Bunny Books and Toys in Dedham, Massachusetts, and she sent along a couple of cool pictures!

Rachel with bookstore owners (and brothers) Paul and Peter H. Reynolds!

Rachel speaks to the crowd of GHD fans!
So rad! Rachel told me she has a bunch more events coming up this summer, so I'll make sure I let you know about them. Max Brallier has a whole lot of tour stops, too! I'll keep you posted!

Have a super awesome day, everyone!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Princess Dagger can kick some serious butt!

Hey everyone! Happy Friday! Do you have any seriously super plans for the weekend? If you're in Massachusetts I have a fun idea for you: Go see Galactic Hot Dogs illustrator, Rachel Maguire!

Illustration of Rachel, by Rachel!

Tonight Rachel will be at Blue Bunny Books and Toys from 6:30pm - 7:30pm. She'll do a drawing demo and sign books, and there will be FREE HOT DOGS. Yessss! You should totally go because it's going to be awesomesauce. Get all the details here.

And now let's check out the latest chapter of Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two!

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two - Chapter 24 - Foot Face Flash Kick Action!

Holy smudge! Those are some creeptastic faces on the cover of today's chapter. And those guys are what Princess Dagger and I are facing when we zoom in on the back of the Gargantuid. I focus on trying to keep the Gargantuid from devouring the circus creatures while Dags leaps into action -- BIG TIME! See how things go down in Chapter 24: Foot Face Flash Kick Action!

Have a totally rocking weekend you guys! And I know Team USA is playing tonight in the women's World Cup -- kick some butt, ladies!!!

Stay awesome,

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Awesome fan art, lego fun, plus a fan's GHD school project!

Hey everyone! I think all of you kids in the USA are out of school now, right? Happy summer!

Today I've got some super way-cool stuff to show you! I've been hearing from kids around the globe about how much they are loving Galactic Hot Dogs, and they've been sending in some really rad fan art and other stuff. Here's some of the latest...

Henry from Massachusetts just finished up 3rd grade. Before summer kicked in, Henry had one last school project: a book report. He picked Galactic Hot Dogs: Cosmoe's Wiener Getaway for his "Beach Ball Book Report Boast!" On each section of a beach ball, Henry had to write something about the chapter book he picked to read. Check it out:

Great job, Henry! Keep reading this summer, dude!

I also got some sweet fan art from sisters Kelsey, age 5, and Hannah, age 9. Here are Kelsey's drawings of Princess Dagger, Humphree, and yours truly:

And Hannah is a big Princess Dagger fan!

And finally, GHD Twitter fan ‏@JBTAN123456 makes fun Galactic Hot Dogs Lego creations. This one is inspired by Star Wars. Apparently I got myself into a Han Solo - Jabba the Hutt situation and got encased in red carbonite! Arghhhhh!

I can't even tell you how much Princess Dagger, Humphree, and I love seeing kids' Galactic Hot Dogs art and other creations! Parents and educators: You guys can submit kids' creations on our Galactic Hots Dogs Facebook page, or tweet us on Twitter. Keep the GHD creations coming, and we'll feature them on the blog!

Have a great couple days and I'll see you back here on Friday!

Happy summer,

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Monday, June 22, 2015

We're having a smashing adventure -- but will we survive?!

Hello from the way awesome planet Grenzo! This is definitely one of my favorite planets in the galaxy. The aliens are super laid back and love to surf. Plus there's the peach sand, shimmering purple water, and trees that look like palm trees but have the most amazing, delicious, fruit you've ever tasted... Man, this place rocks. Love selling wieners here!

Ready for our next action-packed chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two?

In the last chapter, I made the call that Princess Dagger and I should jump onto the Gargantuid. I know. Maybe not the brightest move. But as Dags will tell you, I don't have the biggest brain of all boy humans. So now we're on top of a giant, angry, dragon-like alien monster. What next? We jump into action like the awesome space kids we are, of course! Check out Chapter 23: A Smashing Adventure to see what happens!

Have a fantastic day, everyone. I bet most of you are on summer vacation now, right? Well, rock on and ENJOY your FREEDOM!!!!

Later gators,

Friday, June 19, 2015

How exactly do you deal with a Gargantuid again?

Happy Friday everyone! Today I've got an all-new chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two, especially for you. Hey, look at me, all poetically rhyming and stuff. (Stop rolling your eyes, Dagger!)

So when we left off, this was happening:


I don't remember reading in my Awesome Space Superhero Handbook about how to deal with a gargantuid. Wait. I don't actually have an Awesome Space Superhero Handbook. No wonder I don't know what the fuzz to do.

So now we have to think super fast and super smart so we don't become a humanoid-alien combo snack for this enormous monster! How are we going to get ourselves out of this situation? Read Chapter 22: No Robo-Puke in the Wiener!

Have a rockin' weekend, you guys! We're heading over to planet Grenzo for some sand, surf, and selling of hot dogs. Can't wait!

Stay awesome,

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

America's best hot dog joints!

Everyone knows that the best hot dogs in the galaxy are Galactic Hot Dogs. Obviously. But what if you're not cruising intergalactic space like me and my buddies? Where can you find a way-delicious, mega-awesome hot dog in the good old USA? Well, I scoured the internet to find the best of the best for you because that's the kind of awesome space kid I am. Check these places out:

Natedogs | Minneapolis, MN

This guy, Nate, seems to love hot dogs almost as much as me. Bonus points: He makes his own mustard, just like us! Nate's favorite wiener toppings are caramelized onions and his own honey-spiced mustard. That sounds pretty frappin' spectacular. He takes pretty fancy pics of his hot dogs, too. Those are some gourmet hot dogs, right there:


Old-school, not fancy, just yummy hot dogs. Grab a dog, some crinkle-cut french fries, and a real lemonade and dig into some deliciousness. I hear the chili cheese dogs are ridonkulous.

(via MidtownLunch's flickr)

Monster Dogs | Seattle, WA

Cream cheese and onions on a wiener? Apparently that's how they dig their dogs in Seattle. Okay, I'm game! But BBQ sauce and hot mustard sounds pretty tasty, too.

(via Facebook)

Good Dog | Houston, TX

They make their own dogs and have a gazillion hot dog toppings to choose from. Humphree likes the sound of the Chillin' Dog: beef & chorizo chili, pickled jalapeños, diced onion, and short bus mustard. I think Humps thinks a bus is included? I don't know. The Princess is drooling over the Sunshine Dog: pickled red onions, fresh dill relish, cream cheese, and mayonnaise. I'll take six of those, thanks.

(via Facebook)

Griddler's | Boston, MA

I guess this place is known for its burgers, but I read that the hot dogs are delish. I wanna try a G Dog: a quarter-pound all-beef frank inside a toasted bun, loaded with chipotle beef chili, cheese sauce, and jalapeños. Yummy in this space kid's tummy.

(via Zagat)

Asia Dog | NYC

I know, I know, I already have an NYC hot dog joint. But come on, the city is enormous. So many great places to get a wiener! This Asia Dog place serves up beef, chicken, or veggie dogs and has all sorts of wacko topping choices. Think Japanese curry and homemade kimchi apples, or spicy ketchup, jalapeño mustard, and crushed salt and pepper potato chips. Whoa.

(via Facebook)

Pink's | Los Angeles, CA

Apparently famous people in the USA looooove Pink's. Even Darth Vader. Okay, the famous dude who is the voice of Darth Vader. Still cool. The nacho cheese chili dog sounds amazing. Pink's has a super-secret chili recipe that people go nutso over. Bring it on!


Ted's | Buffalo, NY

I heard this place is an institution in the Buffalo area. You can have Ted's secret recipe hot-sauce on your foot-long, char-broiled dog, or go old-school with mustard, ketchup, onions, and a dill pickle.
And I guess you have to try the Loganberry pop, because that's their special soda around there. Mmmmmmmm.


Gene & Jude's | Chicago-ish, IL

This place was named the #1 hot dog in America. So guess where me, Dags, and Humphree are headed to the next time we're back on Earth? I think I'll go with the original Chicago-style hot dog, thanks. Make that two. Or ten.


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I'll see you guys here Friday -- I'm now inspired to concoct a new hot dog topping for the Neon Wiener's menu!

May the hot dog be with you,

Monday, June 15, 2015

Did we all actually survive that crash landing???

Hey everyone! I hope your weekend was awesome. I know most Earth kids are done with school, but not everyone. All you people who got socked with tons of snow this winter are still hitting the books. Well, just a few more days, right? And then SUMMER! Wahoooo!

Today I've got a new chapter of Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two for you!

Galactic Hot Dogs:Book Two - Chapter 21 - Grade A, Top 10, Slam Bang!

Things weren't looking so great at the end of the last chapter. I mean, this was the situation:

Survival was looking a little iffy, know what I mean? But obviously, I'm still here. So how the fuzz did we survive that crash landing? And what happened to Humphree? And the circus creatures? And the bad dudes? Well, time to find out: Read Chapter 21: Grade-A, Top 10, Slam Bang now!

Have an awesome day, you guys. See you back here Wednesday!

Later gators,

Friday, June 12, 2015

Ha! Now we've got you, Crostini! Or do we?

You guys! Big announcement!

You are now looking at the two-time, super-awesome, Videogame Apocalypse champion! (Okay, so you're not exactly looking at me, but you know what I mean.) I did it! I vanquished Randar the Rolk. I ka-slammed, ka-smooshed, ka-clobbered the dude! YES!

Princess Dagger just barely lost to Randar in the semi-finals, and I just barely beat Aadifan-Klux. But then it was all over in the finals. With Dags and Humps rooting me on, I demolished Randar and collected my awesomesauce trophy! This time there wasn't any map-o-sphere slice hidden in it--but now that I'm looking at it, there is a weird little thingamajig that looks like it could pop open...hmmmmm....

Well, while I fool around with this trophy, let's get into the newest chapter of Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two!

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two - Chapter 20 - Hurtling, Flaming, Plummeting

When we left off, I was using my explosively amazing hot dog to blast open the door to Crostini's secret room. But Crostini's got a surprise for us. And so does the Wrangler. Uh-oh. Find out what happens next in Chapter 20: Hurtling, Flaming, Plummeting!

Well, have a great weekend everyone. I'll let you know on Monday if I find anything interesting in this new trophy I got!

Happy Friday,

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Me, Dags, a giraffe, a cat, and a whole bunch other creatures, because Rachel draws lots of stuff.

Hey you guys! Today I've got some way amazing art for you. My friend Rachel Maguire, the main illustrator of Galactic Hot Dogs: Cosmoe's Wiener Getaway (you know, that book I talk about sometimes), loves to draw cool pictures in the GHD books she signs. And she sent me pictures of a bunch she's done recently! Check these out:

And some more...

Crazy awesome, right?! I can't say that Rachel can do these kinds of illustrations in *every* book she signs, but if you want to meet her and have her autograph your copy of GHD, then get yourself over to Massachusetts later this month!

Rachel will be at Blue Bunny Books and Toys on Friday, June 26, at 6:30pm. She'll do a drawing demo and sign books, and there will be FREE HOT DOGS. Yum. If you are hoping you can go and eat hot dogs with Rachel, click the little "way cool" checkbox below!

See you guys here Friday for a new chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two!

Later gators,

Monday, June 8, 2015

Intergalactic space heroes don't have time for snacks!

Hi you guys! Guess who's in the final four of the Videogame Apocalypse? Me and Princess Dagger! Out of 64 players, it's down to me, Dags, and two aliens named Aadifan-Klux and Randar the Rolk. Humphree made it to the sweet sixteen but Randar took him out. Bummer. But Humphree's not too upset--he's pretty psyched to get back to making big bucks selling hot dogs. He'll always have a little bit of money-loving space pirate in him!

Time for our next chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two!

Galctic Hot Dogs: Book Two - Chapter 19 - This Dog's Da Bomb!

So we're costumed. We're armed. We're READY. It's time to hijack us a space circus! But you know, hijack in the name of good guys and justice for all, so it's an awesome sort of hijacking. How are we going to get past the clown-bots and roust-a-bots? And why'd Humphree insist I take a hot dog with me--who has time for snacks during a covert operation?! Find out what's going on in Chapter 19: This Dog's Da Bomb!

Now I'm gonna go prepare for my next round of Interstellar Maze Madness. I have all sorts of superstitious things I do to help me win, like hop on one foot 37 times while I chant "I am the champion and I will prevail!" Dags thinks I'm a little nutty but who won the last Videogame Apocalypse, huh Dags????

See you Wednesday,

Friday, June 5, 2015

Why the heck are we visiting Earth, anyway?

Hey everyone! I'm coming to you from Videogame Apocalypse, where Humphree, Dags, and I are camped out in the Neon Wiener for a few days. We have all made it past rounds 1 and 2 of Interstellar Maze Madness! And since we're just hanging around, waiting for round 3, we're selling hot dogs and making big bucks off all the goofy aliens. Sweet!

Time for a new chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book 2

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two - Chapter 18 - Stop the Bad Dudes and Save the Day!

Were you totally surprised when you read that I grew up in the circus on Earth? Well, in the next chapter, you'll get the low-down on what happened on that fateful day that I lost my parents. And why the heck did me and my buddies visit Earth in the first place--why'd I bring them to my old home? Find out in Chapter 18: Stop the Bad Dudes and Save the Day!

And yes, Dags, we WILL SAVE THE DAY.

Silly Dags.

Have a great weekend you guys. I'm hoping by Monday me and the gang will be in the Elite 8 of the tournament! Wish us luck!

See ya later,

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's a Galactic Hot Dogs artspolsion!

Hey you guys! How's it going? Me, Princess Dagger, and Humphree are on our way to Videogame Apocalypse! I haven't been back there since I won Black Hole Joystick Battle Heroes, back when I got the final slice of the map-o-sphere that led us to the Ultimate Evil. Remember?

Oh, yeah. This reigning champion is ready to defend his crown!!! But get this: This time all three of us get to compete! We're playing a new game called Interstellar Maze Madness. I'm just hoping that lame-o General Krax isn't there. That guy's so annoying.

Today I've got a total ARTSPLOSION for you. It's an explosion of art! Get it? Maybe? Anyway, first up I've got a couple cool "cut from Book Two" scenes for you from Chapter 13, when the crummy Wrangler sends Dagger floating off into space:

There is so much art that doesn't make it into the books, just because there isn't enough space for it all. I wish there was!

And here's some awesome fan art! This one is by Bryce, age 12:

And this one is by Jack, age unknown because I guess he likes to be a man of mystery:

Finally, I've got something I never thought I'd ever see: a knitted hot dog. For real!

Princess Dagger said she cannot get over its cuteness and she must have it NOW. Oooookay, Dags, I'll get right on that.

We're almost to Videogame Apocalypse--wish us luck! I'm ready to kick some alien butt!

Stay awesome,

Monday, June 1, 2015

Galactic Hot Dogs at BookCon and a new chapter in GHD Book Two!

Hey you guys! This past weekend was this ridonkulously huge book conference on Earth called BookCon. I hear Galactic Hot Dogs was a huge hit with the kids there! Thousands of copies of my book were snatched up by adventure-digging, reading-loving humans. And Simon & Schuster, the company that published my book, even gave out hot dogs one afternoon:

Galactic Hot Dogs at BookCon 2015

Man, I shouldn't have shown Princess Dagger this picture. Now she wants to get me a human hot dog costume the next time we go to the Twin Suns Shopping Center. Dude. I am NOT wearing one of those things!!! But I am super psyched that kids were excited to read GHD!

Now it's time for our next chapter in Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two:

Galactic Hot Dogs: Book Two - Chapter 17 - Brayer and Brother's Traveling Circus

So when the last chapter ended, things were looking up. Princess Dagger turned out to be okay and not only that, she rescued me and Humphree. Good stuff. But now what? We have to stop Crostini and Evil Queen Dagger's plan to build a mutated monster army. That means it's evil-fighting action time! But first? A pit stop for some special supplies... Check out what happens in Chapter 17: Brayer and Brother's Traveling Circus!

I'll see you guys on Wednesday! But first, one more picture from BookCon (well, a bunch of pictures):

Instagram pictures of Galactic Hot Dogs at BookCon 2015

These pics were all shared on Instagram. It's so awesome seeing all the excitement about GHD!

Later gators,