Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Surf’s up - and what the heck are F.R.E.D. facts?

Helloooooo from the ridonkulously awesome planet Waalio!

This week the GHD crew is soaking up the sun and learning to surf. A five-legged alien named Zooktar is teaching us some way-cool surfing moves. Well, she’s trying to teach us. We’re pretty awful. But it’s super fun falling off our boards into the clear green water! Humphree looks especially goofy trying to surf. The big Bronkle is having a tough time staying upright, but I give the dude credit — he keeps on trying!

So this week on the blog I’ve got some coolio stuff for you. I convinced the GHD book people to give me some more art that didn’t make the print version of Book One (Cosmoe’s Wiener Getaway) that comes out in bookstores May 5.

The print book features lots of awesome artwork that isn’t in the online version of the book, including something called F.R.E.D. facts. They’re basically fun little information nuggets, brought to you by the best robot ever.

Well, guess what? I’ve got some extra F.R.E.D. facts for you! Check these out:

Galatic Hot Dogs FRED fact - MWWF ArenaGalatic Hot Dogs FRED fact - mutant worms

Obviously these would have appeared in the mutant worm wrestling chapters. I guess Dags and Humphree were lucky not to turn into mutant worm food, huh? And who would ever eat a mutant worm tail on purpose?! GROSS!

See ya later,