Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Battling to the digital death!

Hey everyone! Guess who’s winning the first official Neon Wiener Videogame Tournament? That’s right, yours truly!

Yesterday I demolished Humphree and the Princess at Super Moon Ninja Death Jab. It’s wasn’t even close. But I’m holding off on my victory dance (which I have to say, is pretty freaking awesome) because today we’re playing a new game that F.R.E.D. downloaded for us: Space Race Cars II. I can’t wait!

Today’s reading marathon chapter is all about that time I was gaming at Videogame Apocalypse. I had to win because the trophy had the last slice of the map-o-sphere. And my gamer honor was totally at stake! Right away, a dude named HW-86 blasted me and things didn’t look good. How was I going to survive, let alone win?! Find out in Chapter 17: Black Hole Joystick Battle Heroes!

And now get psyched for…

Today we’re gonna get evil, folks. Here is some never-seen artwork of Evil Queen Dagger!

These are sketches of her that Rachel, my book’s illustrator, did when she was trying to figure out exactly how to draw the queen of mean:

Sketches of Evil Queen Dagger from Galactic Hot Dogs

And this is how she turned out:

Evil Queen Dagger from Galactic Hot Dogs

Yuck. Queen Dagger is the ultimate space jerk. She’s got pure evil pumping through those alien veins. Man, she gives me the creeps. Wherever she goes, we stay far away.

Okay, I’m off to master Space Race Cars II. See you tomorrow — I’ve got a fun Princess Dagger quiz for you!

Stay awesome,