Friday, March 20, 2015

My crazy plan to defeat The Ultimate Evil!

Galactic Hot Dogs: Chapter 24 - Entering the Ultimate Evil...
Hey all! Today’s our last day camping on Xtar 9. We’ve made a boatload of spaceos (that’s intergalactic space money) from selling hot dogs, and now we’re going to blast off and cruise around the galaxy for a while.

We’ve been saving up to go on an adventure and now we have to pick: Learn to surf on Waalio, which has amazing waves, or go rock climbing on Ooglan 2, which is a lot like Earth’s Grand Canyon. Decisions, decisions…

Now for our latest reading marathon chapter: Entering the Ultimate Evil… and I’m not kidding. My crazy plan is to destroy the monster from the inside! Can we keep that goober Krax from blasting us to bits, and if so, will my plan work? What are you waiting for — go find out!

And now it’s time to check out…

Since we’re all into The Ultimate Evil right now (like, actually INTO the creature), I thought these sketches would be cool to show you:

Galactic Hot Dogs: early Ultimate Evil monster sketches
Two versions of the monster's face...

Galactic Hot Dogs: Early Ultimate Evil monster sketch
The final product. Yikes!

I think the GHD illustrators really nailed the scariness of the monster. I mean, it’s not like I had time to take any pictures of the thing while we were fighting for our lives, so the artists were just working off of me and the crew’s descriptions. Pretty awesome, huh?

Oh, one more thing: I can’t believe it, but our book one reading marathon is almost over — and soon we’ll be starting BOOK TWO! Chapter 1 of my next book debuts online on Monday 4/6. Stay tuned for some sneak peeks into what’s coming. Book two is beyond way cool!

Later gators,