Monday, March 2, 2015

Videogame awesomeness!

Galactic Hot Dogs: Chapter 16 -- Videogame Apocalypse!
Hey everyone! Today Humphree, Princess Dagger, and I are starting our first official Neon Wiener Videogame Tournament! We’re going play every single game we have on the ship, and then we’re going to have F.R.E.D. download a bunch more. We’re keeping score all week long and I predict that I will CRUSH Humps and Dags! Mwahahahaaa!

I thought it would be fun to have a tournament this week in honor of our reading marathon. We’re getting into the awesome chapters about my completely rad Videogame Apocalypse experience!

I was nervous going into it. I mean, I had to win it to get the last slice of the map-o-sphere. And then I saw I had to be… controller-fied to play?! Whaat?! Find out what happens in Chapter 16: Videogame Apocalypse!

Now it’s time for…

Galactic Hot Dogs behind the scenes fun and facts

Today I’ve got something pretty cool for you: an original thumb and sketch from the very first pages of the book! Rachel, the GHD book illustrator, told me that the process of creating a chapter’s art starts with a script, then thumbs, then sketches, then ink. So here’s a thumb from Chapter 1:

Galactic Hot Dogs: artist thumb sketch from Chapter 1

And here’s a sketch of the first page:

Galactic Hot Dogs artist sketch from Chapter 1

Compare those to the final Chapter 1. Some of the text changed, and so did our faces. Which is good, because my mouth is kind of big in the sketch. I definitely have a big mouth, but not that big. Though the Princess would not agree. Ha.

Okay, off to crush Humphree at Super Alien Brothers. And then the Princess. Victory WILL be mine!

Smell ya later,