Monday, March 16, 2015

How do I get out of a real cliffhanger?!

Galatic Hot Dogs - Chapter 22 - Crack!
Hey everyone! I’m writing to you from our camping tent on Xtar 9. It’s a warm planet that’s covered with forests. The trees are ginormous — like those redwood trees in California. The tree trunks are bigger than our ship!

The Princess has never been camping and she is totally digging the whole experience. Oh, and you know how lots of Earth people are scared of bugs? Well, Dags sure isn't an Earthling because she's the total opposite of scared. She’s wondering which ones could make good hot dog toppings. Barf! But Humphree agrees, ‘cause aliens like that stuff. I’ll stick to ketchup and mustard, thanks.

Anyway, today’s reading marathon chapter is mega action-packed. How could it not be, when the last chapter ended with a real cliffhanger?! Obviously I got out of that situation, since I’m here writing to you… but who rescued me? And what did The Ultimate Evil actually turn out to be? Go find out now in Chapter 22: Crack!

And now for…

Here’s a new DJ Zee Zee Jak scene!

DJ Zee Zee Jak from Galactic Hot Dogs.

When I saw this I was like, what the fuzz, dude? Earthlings do not “cry, cry, cry” about everything. And obviously I’m the type of Earth kid who marches forward and fights space jerks in all their many forms. That’s my thing! And anyway, I’d like to see that bearded, multi-armed Zee Zee Jak take on The Ultimate Evil like this space kid and his crew did. Never gonna happen, I’ll tell you that!

See you back here tomorrow — I’ve got something fun for you on the blog!

Stay awesome,