Wednesday, March 11, 2015

From betrayed to mad to spooked!

Galactic Hot Dogs: Chapter 20
Hello from ice Planet Moorg! What a super cool place this is. Everything is covered in fresh snow that tastes like candy! The aliens who live here are used to it, but Humps, Dags, and I can't stop eating the sweet stuff. And yesterday we got to go ice boarding. It's like snowboarding, but on ice-covered mountains, and your board just barely skims the surface while you kind of control it with a remote in each hand. It's way cool!

Okay, reading marathon time! In the last chapter, the GHD crew was having a pretty rough time. I was feeling big-time betrayed by the Princess, Humphree was trying to rally me, and poor F.R.E.D. got fried. Things were looking bleak, dudes. Really bleak. Can I pull it together? Will F.R.E.D. recover? And what does The Ultimate Evil have in store for us? Find out in Chapter 20: Destination Ultimate Evil!

And now let's get into...

I had to get special permission from the book people to show you today's awesomeness. This is one of the pieces of art that got cut from the print book. Even though it's totally rad, they couldn't fit every single thing into the book. Just not enough room, you know? But now I get to show it to you! Meet DJ Zee Zee Jak:

DJ Zee Zee Jak is the most popular DJ in the galaxy. Aliens totally love him, but I think he's annoying. I mean, the dude totally amplified my broadcast mess-up about "the map to the most amazing treasure of all time" to the entire galaxy! What a fuzz head. Anyway, the art is super cool, and I have three more DJ Zee Zee Jak thingies coming your way in the next week or so!

Okay, people, I gotta run. The hot dogs are ready to serve up to all the goofy, hungry aliens waiting in line. Tomorrow I'll have part two of my Rachel interview! You can check out part one here if you missed it.

See you then,