Wednesday, March 18, 2015

What does hot hot sauce have to do with The Ultimate Evil?

Hey everyone. I'm gonna be brief today because oh man, I think I ate too many s'mores yesterday. Today I am one sick space dude. My stomach is revolting like that time I tried raw arakzid legs doused with Humphree's hot hot sauce. Not good, people. Not. Good.

Speaking of Humphree's hot hot sauce, it's going to be a key player in how we defeat The Ultimate Evil. How are we going to do it? And why is that lame-o Krax shooting at us when we're trying to save the galaxy? Check out Chapter 23: Epic Space Battle Hour to find out how the heck we're going to get rid of this:

The Ultimate Evil from Galactic Hot Dogs

And now let's get into...

This is our last DJ Zee Zee Jak scene, and it would have appeared in the book right about now:

DJ ZeeZee Jak from Galactic Hot Dogs 4

That DJ dude isn't always my favorite but at least he gave me props for being right about The Ultimate Evil!

Since this art was never finalized, it's not 100% perfect -- and I see an oops. Do you see the missing word? What word would you fill in?

Okay you guys. It's back to bed to me. Cosmoe the Earth-Boy signing off until next time, when hopefully my stomach will be back to full strength!

Stay awesome,