Thursday, March 5, 2015

Quiz: How well do you know Princess Dagger?

Oh, smudge, you guys. I got my butt kicked by the Princess when we were playing Space Race Cars II yesterday. Apparently she had space bumper cars in her evil palace and is an expert driver. Who knew? Now I’m losing the Neon Wiener Videogame Tournament! BONES! I have to do better at our next game. It’s Hyperspace Heroes, which I’ve heard of, but never played. Wish me mega-tons of luck. I need it.

Speaking of the purple princess who is kicking my butt, I’ve got a fun little quiz about her today. Let’s see how much you know about your favorite sort-of evil space princess!

Princess Dagger from Galactic Hot Dogs

1. What cool weapons does Princess Dagger carry?

     A. Twin daggers
     B. Fire and ice flash pistols
     C. Two mini-versions of her evil mom’s energy staff
     D. A pen and a pencil that both shoot blasts of white-hot energy

2. How old is Dags?

     A. 12
     B. 13
     C. 14
     D. 15

3. When Princess Dagger first stole away on our ship, she was wearing a cape. What did she ditch the cape for in chapter 6?

     A. A sparkly necklace
     B. PJs
     C. A space suit
     D. An apron

4. Tricky two-part question: Does Dags have ears and what side is her hair swirl on?

     A. Yes, and her right side
     B. No, and her left side
     C. No, and her right side
     D. Yes, and her left side

How do you think you did? You can find the answers here. Then take this poll and let me know if you've got impressive Dagger knowledge or not!

How many did you get right?

Tomorrow we're back to our awesome reading marathon and we'll pick up with Chapter 18: Game Over! If you haven't been reading along with us, no worries. You can easily start from the beginning here!

Later gators,