Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Make your own Neon Wiener spaceship!

Galactic Hot Dogs paper craft
Hi you guys! How's it going? We’re still hanging on Xtar 9, selling hot dogs and camping out. I’m blogging while stuffing my face with s’mores. I have a secret stash of graham crackers, marshmallows, and chocolate that Humps and Dagger didn’t know about. I was saving them as a surprise for when we finally got around to going camping.

Humphree thinks they’re pretty good, but the Princess? She’s never had Earth chocolate and holy smudge — I thought she passed out from the sheer awesomeness of it! She can’t get enough of the s’mores but especially the chocolate. And that means I’m keeping my secret stash SECRET or else she’ll eat all the chocolate in a nano second. I’m not worried, though. I’ve got all sorts of sneaktastic hiding spots around the ship!

Speaking of the Neon Wiener, today I’ve got something way cool for you: You can make your own Neon Wiener! Here’s a ship that someone in the Philippines put together — and it crash landed on a coconut!

The Neon Wiener from Galactic Hot Dogs crash landed on a coconut!
Ahhhh! We crash landed on a coconut!

It’s easy to make your own. Just print out this PDF of the Neon Wiener paper craft onto some sturdy paper. Then cut, fold, paste, and blammo! Your own spaceship!

Gotta go. I need to grab another s’more before Dags chows them all.

Later gators,