Friday, March 13, 2015

Confronting the Daggers—and The Ultimate Evil!

Galactic Hot Dogs: Chapter 21: Descent
Aw, smudge, you guys. I totally wiped out while I was ice boarding on Moorg’s mountains yesterday. I twisted up my ankle real good. The aliens on Moorg have a great hospital and super amazing technology, so they were able to pretty much zap away the sprain. But they couldn't zap away how dumb I felt after my boarding blow up. I think I’ll just chill out with my hot cocoa on the ship today while Dags and Humps go ice fishing. Sigh.

Let’s get into one of my all-time favorite chapters: Chapter 21: Descent! I was burning mad when we touched down on the big, empty, evil planet. I was ready to give those crummy Daggers a piece of my mind — but I wasn’t ready for what happened next! Check out the chapter and see the mess I end up in!

And of course, here’s today’s…

Here’s the next DJ Zee Zee Jak scene that got cut from the book:

DJ Zee Zee Jak from Galactic Hot Dogs

Cool, huh? I have to admit, I wasn’t too bummed out that Kaff Fiend got taken out by a space shark. That dude was bad news and totally had it in for me!

All right, you guys, have an awesome weekend. We’ll be leaving Moorg soon for a nice, warm planet called Xtar 9. Lots of trees. Reminds me of Endor, the Ewoks’ forest moon in Star Wars. We’re going camping — can’t wait for the Princess to experience tent living!

Later gators,