Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Meet Rachel, illustrator of Galactic Hot Dogs!

Hi you guys! Today I’ve a new, super-awesome interview for you. Meet Rachel Maguire, the main illustrator of my book! She's way cool and really digs illustration. Plus she has a rad fake nose. No, really, she does. Find out why in our interview!

Rachel Maguire, illustrator of Galactic Hot Dogs
Rachel's illustration of herself!
ME: Okay, first thing's first: Why did you become an illustrator?

RACHEL: Illustrators get paid to draw pictures. This is what everyone dreams of isn't it?!

ME: Well, I dream of being a professional gamer, but being an illustrator would be way cool, too! Did you always want to be an illustrator, or did you want to be something else when you were a kid?

RACHEL: When I was very, very young I wanted to be unicorn-mermaid or a geneticist. Those seemed to be very magical things to be.

ME: Yes. Yes, they do. Okay, so tell me this: What's something funny or unique that not a lot of people know about you?

RACHEL: So, I'm 8 years old and my older brother is teaching me about centripetal force. If you spin a bucket filled with water around in circles, the water doesn't fall out. I wanted a turn to break the rules of gravity, and so I made a bee-line for that ill-fated bucket. My brother saw me coming with just enough time to slow down and have the bucket be in direct line with my face.

Once a year my brother still proudly jokes that he saved me from having the Maguire nose by breaking it to itty-bitty pieces. The fake nose I have now is very nice; it came from a doctor’s binder labeled as the 'perky one.' And while I missed camp that summer, I got to be the youngest kid in my elementary school to have rhinoplasty.

ME: Rhino-whaty?

RACHEL: Fancy word for nose job.

ME: Right. Duh. Next question: What are your favorite hot dog toppings?

RACHEL: Veggie-dog with everything non-meat-based that's available at time of consumption. Food is tasty, so it is best not to limit oneself.

ME: Truth! I'm not sure you'd like some of Galactic Hot Dogs' non-meat options though.

RACHEL: They might be a little out there for me. 

ME: Me too. Lime moon cheese? No thanks. Last question for today: What’s the best advice you have for an Earth kid who thinks they might want to be an illustrator?

RACHEL: Don't be afraid to draw hands. Yes, they are hard to draw. Draw 100 of them and stop hiding them in your character's pockets and behind your characters.

Thanks for the rockin' interview, Rachel! 

Be sure to come back on Thursday for part two of our interview. You’ll find out what Rachel's favorite movies are, what type of "house beast" is lurking around her home, and more!

See you later,