Thursday, March 12, 2015

Part two of my Rachel Maguire interview!

An illustration of Rachel, by Rachel!
Hi everyone! Today I’ve got part two of my interview (read part one here) with Rachel, the main illustrator of my book, Cosmoe’s Wiener Getaway! As you probably know, on May 5, the very cool print version will be out in bookstores. Rachel did a bunch of extra art for the print book — I can’t wait to see it!

Last time, Rachel told us about her childhood wish to be a unicorn-mermaid, her unplanned nose job, what she digs on her veggie dog, and more. What else has she got for us? Let’s find out…

ME: So we all know that you’re the main illustrator of Galactic Hot Dogs. What did you do before that?

RACHEL: I worked in animation for a while, and before working on GHD, I did the colors for KaBOOM! Studio's comic book, Ice Age: Where There's Thunder.

ME: Cool! Okay, my next question is super important: You just got your own spaceship — what would you name it and what cool features would it have?

RACHEL: Oooooh, good question, and since I knew this was coming, I have a good answer for it! My ship’s name would be GUS, and it would look like a giant space turtle time machine. Anyone who is familiar with Doctor Who and Terry Prachett can tell this mash up is of the TARDIS with Great A'tuin. It would be the perfect vehicle to pilot into the unfolding infinity of space and time.

The reason my ship would be named Gus? Well, I once met a 90 year old turtle named Gus at the Nova Scotia Museum of Natural History, and he made quite the impression. Gus knew which direction the sea was and he was determined to scratch his way through his plastic tub even if it would take 40+ years. That focus and drive is something a spacecraft needs. The science-y acronym combinations for GUS are boundless too: Geosynchronous Undockable Spacecraft, Galaxy Uncertainty Spectrum, Geothermal Universe Supergiant…

ME: Giant Universe Scavenger, Galactic Ultracool Spaceship…

RACHEL: Yes! Those are good, too.

ME: I’m going to be thinking of acronyms for GUS all day long! Okay, next question is from the Princess: Do you have a pet?

RACHEL: Ah, yes. There is a tortoiseshell-colored house beast named Becky that is always lurking around. One of her front legs is bad, so she makes a peg leg sound when she walks around. She doesn't have the ninja stealth skills that all cats are born with, but she gets to be a pirate instead.
Rachel Maguire's cat - awwww.
Rachel's pirate cat

ME: Humphree now wants a pirate cat.

RACHEL: Of course he does.

ME: Speaking of Humphree, he wants to know all your favorites: movie, TV show, food, dessert…?

RACHEL: Movie: It’s a tie between Spirited Away and Howl's Moving Castle from Studio Ghibli. They each have a special place in my heart. Spirited Away is all about growing up, and Howl's Moving Castle is based on the Dianne Wynne Jones book.

TV shows? I devour any TV show that has a hint of magic or monsters in it. Sushi is my favorite food, and for dessert, I really love mochi ice cream — it’s a Japanese treat.

ME: I love all ice cream, so I definitely have to try it! This has been a way cool interview, Rachel. Any last stuff you want to tell us?

RACHEL: When I’m not working on all things Galactic Hot Dogs, I like to study Japanese or take a nap! And I also teach comics drawing to kids at the Eliot School in Boston.

Thanks Rachel! That was a totally sweet interview!

See you guys tomorrow,