Wednesday, March 25, 2015

YES! Evil defeated! (plus top-secret book 2 art!)

Galactic Hot Dogs - Chapter 26 - The End
Hot smudge, you guys! I can’t believe we’re on the very last chapter of Galactic Hot Dogs Book One. Our reading marathon is over as of today, and I would be a little sad… except I have some awesome junk in store for you that I’m completely psyched about!

First, let’s read our last chapter, The End. We blew up The Ultimate Evil, but we weren’t out of danger yet. That fuzzhead Krax still had it in for us. Find out in Chapter 26: The End who unexpectedly saves our butts, and then crashes our beach party later!

Now I have one last super cool sketch for you today for our…

On Monday, April 6 — that’s 12 days from today — chapter one of Galactic Hot Dogs Book Two debuts online! I’m SO EXCITED! And this art from book two will give you a ginormous hint about the plot…

Clown Bots from Galactic Hot Dogs Book Two

Say hello to the Clown Bots! Yup, book two involves the space circus! You guys aren’t going to believe the adventures me, Humphree, and Princess Dagger get ourselves into.

And until book two debuts, I’ve got some cool stuff coming your way on this here blog, so stay tuned!

Later gators,