Friday, February 27, 2015

Map-o-sphere slices, video games, and…evil?

Galactic Hot Dogs: Chapter 15 -- Evil Ways
Hey you guys! How’s it going? This weekend we’re joining in a spaceship food truck bonanza on Oftar 12’s third moon. It should be pretty cool. When we’re not selling dogs, Princess Dagger is psyched to try different foods from around the galaxy, and Humphree’s going to hunt down some new hot sauce ingredients. Me? I’m hoping to find some adventure, as usual!

Let’s dig into our reading marathon — today we’ve got an action-packed chapter to read! When we left off, Dags froze Krax and we escaped the MWWF arena. Phew!

In Chapter 15: Evil Ways, I try to piece the map-o-sphere together, we find out where the final slice is (it’s completely rad), and the Princess has an unwelcome encounter. Yikes! Find out what happens, and then check out…

Galactic Hot Dogs: behind the scenes art and facts

Today I’ve got some original artwork that’s never been seen before! These are early sketches an illustrator did of Humphree, Dags, and me. You can see she was trying to figure out exactly how we should look in the book.

Early sketches of Humphree from Galactic Hot Dogs

Early sketches of Princess Dagger from Galactic Hot Dogs

Early sketches of Cosmoe from Galactic Hot Dogs

I think it’s so cool to see how artwork for a book gets created!

Okay, I gotta run. We’re almost to Oftar 12’s moon and we have a lot of setup to do. I want get it done so we have some time to explore the moon — you never know what you’ll find…

Have a rockin’ weekend,