Monday, February 23, 2015

F.R.E.D. to the rescue!

Helloooooo from outer space, everyone! After a long stay on planet Grenzo, the Galactic Hot Dogs crew is back to flying around the galaxy. It’s pretty rad to be back in space, seeing planets and moons from far above. And it’s definitely way cool to go to sleep with a view like this:

Galactic Hot Dogs - Cosmoe's view from outer space
photo credit: Cosmic Conifer via photopin (license)

That view last night was courtesy of F.R.E.D. He can always direct us to the best star-gazing views to zonk out to! Speaking of F.R.E.D., in today’s GHD reading marathon chapter, my little robot friend seriously saves my butt. When we left off, I was in a really tight spot. The Boss Worm was squeezing the whats out of me! The situation was grim, people. Find out how I get out of a jam in Chapter 13: Ding!

And now it’s time for…

Fun facts and never-seen Galactic Hot Dogs art

Let’s talk robots today. Specifically, my favorite flying robot: F.R.E.D.! 

F.R.E.D.(or fred) from Galactic Hot Dogs

You know that F.R.E.D. is super helpful. But did you know these fun facts about the little guy? He can:

  • Be a flashlight
  • Give directions, like a GPS
  • Become a video game system
  • Hack into computers
  • Toast hot dog buns
  • Speak to other robots in 10,010 languages
  • Be a TV or radio
  • Do pretty much anything!
I don’t know what I’d do without F.R.E.D. I just wish he were a little better at cleaning. If I never had to clean the ship again, I’d be one happy Cosmoe!

Have a great day you guys,