Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What's waiting for me on the creepy old pirate ship?

Galactic Hot Dogs Chapter 8: Mayday of DecayHi everyone. How's it going? I have to be honest, for me it's been a pretty crummy, smudge-a-riffic day. You know when one thing after another goes wrong, and you're like — seriously, could this day get any worse? And then it does?

First the air conditioner fuzzed out right when we were near the Second Sun of Solune. We still had to go by five more suns! It was hot as butts in the ship for hours. Then I overcooked a batch of hot dogs and we had to choke them down plain because we were out of mustard. Humps finally got the a/c fixed — and then proceeded to kick my butt at Super Moon Ninja Death Jab. If that wasn’t bad enough, the Princess then beat me at Hyperspace Heroes. Argh!

So yeah, not the best day. But at least it went better than that day in Mayday of Decay. That’s the next chapter in our reading marathon, and it’s awesome. It’s full of creepy, icky… well, I’m not going to tell you! Find out for yourself

Today for your never-seen-before thingie, I’ve got this wicked cool piece of art: an amazing poster of Humphree, Princess Dagger, and yours truly!

Galactic Hot Dogs computer wallpaper background

I think it could make a pretty awesome wallpaper for your computer’s desktop. Save it to your computer and give it a try!

Well, I’ll see you guys tomorrow. Time for me to chill out with a buzzberry shake and read some old Star Wars comics. That should turn this day around!

See ya later,