Friday, February 20, 2015

When Mutant Worm Wrestling goes very, very wrong

Galactic Hot Dogs: Chapter 12
Wow, you guys. It’s been quite a day here on Grenzo. Get this: A vacationing alien who was chowing down on hot dogs insisted that Humphree’s hot sauce wasn’t hot enough. He kept adding more and more helio jalapeƱos to his hot dog.

Humps tried to warn the dude to ease up, but he wouldn’t. One thing led to another, and, well, let’s just say the alien found out the hard way that too many jalapeƱos can have some, um, internally explosive side effects. Good thing the dude has five stomachs. Yikes.

So, our next chapter in our GHD reading marathon is all about that one time I went to a Mutant Worm Wrestling match as a spectator — and then I ended up being a participant! That doofus Krax electrozapped me and threw me in the ring with the Boss Worm, whose tagline is, “After he beats you, he eats you.” Whaaaat? How am I NOT going to get devoured by a mutant worm? Read Chapter 12: The Boss Worm to see what happens!

And now it’s time for…

Galactic Hot Dogs: Behind the Scenes Stuff!

Since we had a pretty wacked-out alien encounter today, I thought I’d tell you a little about the aliens that appear in the book. Check this out:

Goofy aliens from Galactic Hot Dogs

Some of them look familiar, right? You can find a bunch of these guys in the book. The illustrators did a lot of careful work to get them right.

Out here in space, most aliens don’t have two eyes, two arms, and two legs like us. Their planets have totally different atmospheres and environments from Earth, which means aliens evolved differently.

On our planet, walking around on two legs makes sense. But where Nitrams come from (Alien “A” above), having multiple legs makes sense. Our little human feet would just stick to the ground on a Nitram’s planet, but Nitrams can easily scurry along. Seems weird to us, but Earth would seem weird to them!

Have a great weekend, everyone. I’ll be here on Grenzo for a little while longer, warning other goofy aliens not to lose a stomach from too many helio jalapenos!

Stay awesome,