Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Why General Krax von Grumble is the WORST

Hi everyone! Have you ever been to a sports event that you were so pumped about, you thought you might explode from the excitement? That’s me when I go to a Mutant Worm Wrestling match! The action is totally intense and out of this world. Princess Dagger is a pretty big fan, too, as you can see!

Mutant Worm Wrestling in Galactic Hot Dogs

In our next chapter of our reading marathon, you’ll see why Mutant Worm Wrestling rocks — and you’ll also meet the ridic General Krax von Grumble. He’s a toenail-chewing, electro-zapping, big villain type. And wait until you see what he does to me! Yikes! Check out Chapter 11: M.W.W.F. to find out what happens!

And now it's time for...

I’ve got some pretty cool Krax illustrations for you. The guy might be a nugget-brain, but I also think he’d be pretty tough to draw with his weird beard, weapons, and all that stuff. The illustrators really captured the essence of his doofy villainous self, you know?

Early illustrations of General Krax from Galactic Hot Dogs
Early illustrations of Krax

Early illustrations of General Krax's weapon - Galactic Hot Dogs
Here the artist was trying to figure out exactly how to draw Krax's weapon

General Krax von Grumble from Galactic Hot Dogs
Final design of Krax

He’s mean looking and yet completely lame at the same time. Man, I can’t stand that guy.

Okay, I gotta run. Hot dogs are calling my name. Or maybe that’s Humphree.

See you later,