Friday, February 13, 2015

How am I going to escape the Space Zombie Death Grip?!

Galactic Hot Dogs Chapter 9: The First SliceHey everyone! Happy Friday! Have any cool plans for the weekend? Me, Humphree, and Princess Dagger aren't totally sure what to do. We should probably go sell dogs on Space Port Funketoun, but we're all kind of dragging.

I think we need a little va-cay, you know? Maybe some downtime on a tropical planet. Man, that sounds good. But we have to avoid the Tropical Moon of Mowee this weekend. We heard the Princess' evil mom, Queen Dagger, is hanging out there. No way, no how are we getting anywhere near her and her pain in the butt Jacks!

So, what did you think about the zombie space pirates in the last chapter of our reading marathon? Creeptastic, huh? When we left off, the undead zombie pirate captain was about to sink his nasty rotting fangs into me. Time to find out how the fuzz I'm going to get out of that mess -- and how I get us into our next mess! And why the heck is Humphree so fixated on the zombies' snack stash? Read Chapter 9: The First Slice to find out…

Speaking of zombies, check out these sketches that one of the book's illustrators did of the zombie captain. She put a ton of time into creating his super-high level of grossness. Look at his hands. They look like the flesh could just fall off at any second. Totally nasty -- nasty awesome!

Galactic Hot Dogs zombie space pirate

Galactic Hot Dogs zombie space pirate with artist notes

Time for me to log off the old Intergalactic Internet and figure out what crazy fun stuff we're going to do this weekend. I know it's Valentine's Day on Earth tomorrow -- did you see the non-mushy valentines I made for Humphree and the Princess? I think they turned out pretty cool. You know, for a 13-year-old Earth kid who's not exactly artistic!

Have a great weekend!