Wednesday, February 4, 2015

When the duo becomes a trio…

Hey everyone! How’s it going? Today I’m writing to you while wearing my new “I survived the Twin Suns Shopping Center” t-shirt. The shirt’s not kidding, man.

When I thought Princess Dagger was lost in a shoe store, she was actually fending off these wacko aliens with her fire and ice flash pistols. She was doing pretty darn awesome when Humps and I got there. Then Humps went into Humphree Hurt Hug mode while Goober and I helped the Princess, and that was that. We were outta there as fast as possible. I hope we never run into those bad dudes again. Yikes.

Let’s pick up where we left off in our reading marathon! At the end of chapter four, we had bounty hunters, bad guys, and all sorts of creepy creatures on our tail. How the heck are we going to get out of this mess? And why does Princess Dagger choose this moment to talk about our future together?! Read Chapter 5: Wiener Parade to see what happens…

And now for today’s behind-the-scenes stuff. In honor of Princess Dagger’s awesomeness in chapter five, let’s check out how an illustrator came up with how she’d look in the book:

Early illustrations of Princess Dagger from Galactic Hot Dogs

Pretty cool huh? I laughed when I saw her ears in drawing “F” — Dags was NOT happy with that one, let me tell you.

Okay, you guys, I’ll see you tomorrow. Enjoy Chapter 5: Wiener Parade! And if you missed my Cosmoe quiz yesterday, go check that out too. It’s pretty rad, if I say so myself.

Smell ya later,