Thursday, February 12, 2015

My (not mushy) valentines for my two best buds

Hey you guys! I hear Valentine’s Day is this weekend over there on Earth. Some of you might be like, “Ugh, gross. Romance and stuff.” Well, I know it kind of a lovey-dovey holiday, but I don’t think it totally has to be about that stuff. I think it’s about friendship, too. And since I’ve got two of the best cruddy buddies in the whole galaxy, I thought I’d make a valentine for each of them.

Now before you get all, “What the smudge? Cosmoe’s getting all mushy on us?” just hold on a space second. These are Cosmoe valentines. Not your typical sentimental gooey gunk, you know what I mean? So here we go…

First up, my main man — er, alien — Humphree. I think I captured some of his finest qualities in this valentine. Ha ha.

Galactic Hot Dogs Humphree valentine

And of course, one for the Princess…

When I showed Humps and Dags their valentines, they were like, “Huh? What’s Valentine’s Day?” They thought the whole idea was kind of goofy, and pretty much think humans are even weirder than they did before. But they laughed because they’re awesome like that.

See you tomorrow when we read the next chapter in our reading marathon and find out if I escape total zombification! Ahhhhh! (If you missed the last chapter, you can check out my last blog post to get caught up.)

See ya later,